Class of 2014 GAA Scholars

In 2001, the GAA established a $500,000 scholarship endowment that provides the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid a means to help attract the best and brightest students. In 2007, the GAA Board of Directors added $50,000 to the endowment in honor of GAA President Doug Dibbert ’70 and his 25 years of service.

We’d like to introduce the five students from the class of 2014 who were recognized as our newest GAA and Dibbert Scholars.

Margaret Barrows

Dibbert Scholar
Hometown: Charlotte
Alumna parent: Mary Newsom ’74
Major: Sociology or anthropology, minor in French
Likely activities at Carolina: “I am already a member of the Connected Learning Program. I hope to be involved with undergraduate research, play recreational soccer, play hand bells and study abroad.”
Professional plans: Undecided
Why Carolina: “I chose UNC because I was offered great opportunities, such as being a First-Year Fellow and being a member of the honors program.”  

Jared Foster Giles

Hometown: Louisville, Ky.
Alumna parent: Diane Foster ’75
Major: Business administration, possible double major and minor in philosophy, psychology or entrepreneurship
Likely activities at Carolina: “I would like to be involved with Kamikazi, the hip-hop dance group, and several leadership and service organizations on campus.”
Professional plans: “I am not sure what I want as a career, but I do know that I want to be involved in international business and hopefully begin a worldwide service organization.”
Why Carolina: “I chose UNC because of it high academic quality and the diversity of people and interests and activities.”

John Christopher Guzek

Hometown: South Abington Township, Pa.
Alumna parent: John R. Guzek ’08 (MPH)
Major: Economics and sociology double major
Likely activities at Carolina: “The activities I’d like to become involved in at UNC include Model U.N., the Psychiatry Interest Group, the Campus Y, International Health Forum and Young Democrats.”
Professional plans: “Despite my major in the social sciences, I’m on the premed track and would possibly like to become a psychiatrist at the conclusion of my education and training.”
Why Carolina: “I chose UNC because of the diversity and strength of its departments. The teachers I saw in the social science departments when visiting last year engaged their students and made their enthusiasm infectious. Walking into the Pit on a warm April day with the liveliness of the students surrounded by the beauty of the campus made me realize that UNC was the university I was looking for. Because of the high out-of-state tuition rates, it was the scholarships I received from UNC that made my attendance a reality.”

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