James Moeser (2000-2008)

“What then makes a university stand out amongst all its peers? What makes it preeminent? And how will we define this for Carolina? Simply, we must lead. We must aspire to the highest levels of performance and service.”

Maestro Moeser
Carolina’s ninth chancellor combines an artist’s sensitivity and the hard edge of an academic reformer.

A Quick Study
A common reaction to meeting James Moeser is, “How does he know all that?” Think twice before you try to play stump the new chancellor.

Carolina in the James Moeser years grew physically and financially. It may have come to better understand the meaning of “leading public university.”

James Moeser, Distinguished Service Medal Citation
James Moeser seemed to have arrived at Chapel Hill with a sixth sense for what this campus should and could be, for what its students present and its long roster of alumni expected of it.