Update Your Alumni Record – PDF Form

Instructions for Downloading and Working With the PDF Form

You can download this PDF form, which you can fill in using your keyboard. You will then need to save the file to your computer (please use your full name as the filename) and send it as an e-mail attachment to  You also can simply print the form, fill it in by hand and mail it to:

Alumni Records Department
PO Box 660
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

If you wish, you also can call the Records Department toll free at (877) 377-7125 to receive a form to complete and return by mail.

What if I can’t type in the form’s fields?

Adobe Reader software will let you use the “typewriter tool” to add your information to this form. To fill in the form, follow these steps from Adobe’s help file:

  1. Save the PDF document to your computer and then open it.
  2. Choose Tools > Typewriter > Typewriter.
  3. Click over a blank form field and type.
  4. (Optional) Choose Tools > Typewriter > Show Typewriter Toolbar. Use these tools to change the size or position of the typed text.

When finished, print a copy of the completed form or save it and email it to the GAA following the instructions above.