Review at a Glance

Review at a Glance


UNC General Alumni Association (GAA) members’ unique emotional connection to their alma mater means this affluent, educated reader makes time to read their Carolina Alumni Review magazine, in spite of their busy lives, because it is important to them and keeps them connected.

Frequency: 6 issues per year
Membership: 69,000 alumni, students and friends; 3,800 faculty and senior administrators
Average Age: 50
Gender: 49% male / 51% female
Education: 96% undergraduate degree or higher
Average HHI: $150,000
Residence: 55% reside in North Carolina; 72% reside in the Southeast U.S. (penetration of metropolitan markets such as the Research Triangle, Charlotte/Mecklenburg, Triad, Asheville, Atlanta and Washington, D.C.)

What You Should Know
• 42 minutes is the average time spent reading the Review
• 58% report the Review is their primary source of information about UNC
• 47% visit an advertiser’s website
• 44% report passing their Review along to at least one other person
• Ad/editorial ratio is 30%/70% meaning ads are always integrated with editorial content and are exceptionally visible
• More than nine in 10 readers are “extremely satisfied/satisfied” with the Review and rate the quality of content “excellent/good”

Since 1996, the magazine has won more than 40 regional and national awards for excellence in editorial and graphic and art design. Readers comment that the Review is a “superb publication” and that “the quality, content and style are first rate.” One reader simply asked that we “keep the Review coming.”