Sharing Class Notes on Facebook

Sharing Class Notes using Facebook Connect

Learn more about connecting your online community credentials with your Facebook login.

After you submit a Class Note on the GAA's Web site, you will have the option of sharing that information on your Facebook profile wall.

1. Within the GAA's online community, select the Class Notes link from the navigation.

2. Submit a Class Note. Once submitted, the submission confirmation page will display. See Figure 3: Class Notes submission confirmation page

Figure 3

3. Click the Share on Facebook button. The Facebook publish page will display. See Figure 4: Facebook publish page.

4. Enter a comment (optional) and click the Publish button.

5. A Facebook message will appear confirming that the note was posted to your profile wall. The Facebook message window will be displayed for a short time and will close automatically.

Figure 4

6. Subsequently, if you log into Facebook, the Class Note posting will appear on your profile wall. See Figure 5: Facebook Profile Wall.

Figure 5