The Koury Collection


A portrait of William Starr Myers (class of 1897), who wrote the lyrics to Hark the Sound, hangs in the Koury Library.

The Koury Library’s holdings are unlike those of any other library on the UNC campus. On its shelves is an eclectic mix of subjects and authors sharing a single attribute: They were all written by friends, faculty or alumni of the University.

Approximately 700 volumes are housed in the Koury. First editions of the novels of Thomas Wolfe ’20, including Look Homeward, Angel and You Can’t Go Home Again, can be found along with the Southern fiction of Daphne Athas ’43, Clyde Edgerton ’66, Kaye Gibbons ’84, Gail Godwin ’59, Randall Kenan ’85 and Jill McCorkle ’80.

Among the titles you’ll find plenty of history and biography, much of it about North Carolina and Chapel Hill:

  • The Southern Part of Heaven by William Meade Prince, recalling Prince’s childhood in pre-World War I Chapel Hill. (Prince’s illustrations also inspired the “Circus Parade” carvings now housed in the Alumni Center.)
  • Old Days in Chapel Hill, a biography of Cornelia Phillips Spencer by Hope Summerell Chamberlain ’32.
  • A Life on the Road by Charles Kuralt ’55.
  • Joe Alsop’s Cold War by Ed Yoder ’56.
  • The Civil War in North Carolina by John G. Barrett ’50.
  • Ocracokers by Alton Ballance ’79.

Several of the volumes’ authors hold the equivalent of dual citizenship at Carolina, being both alumni and faculty. They include:

  • North Carolina Through Four Centuries by William S. Powell ’40.
  • Tell About the South: The Southern Rage to Explain and Mencken, both by Fred Hobson ’65.
  • The Complete Guide to Aging and Health by Dr. Mark Williams ’72
  • Flaubert and the Gift of Speech by Stirling Haig ’58.

Other titles, many by members of the faculty, reflect the wide scope of training and study undertaken at UNC:

  • A World at Arms by Gerhard Weinberg.
  • William Faulkner and Southern History, The Crucible of Race and After Slavery, all by Joel Williamson.
  • Educated in Romance: Women, Achievement and College Culture by Dorothy C. Holland and Margaret A. Eisenhart.
  • John Dos Passos by Townsend Ludington.
  • Rudeness and Civility by John F. Kasson.
  • An Introduction to Probability by Douglas G. Kelly.
  • The Genesis of Chinese Communist Foreign Policy by Michael H. Hunt.
  • El Coran, a book written in Arabic by Julio Cortes, who taught Arabic at UNC for more than 25 years.

Alumni and UNC faculty who are authors may donate copies of their books to the Koury Library, Hill Alumni Center, P.O. Box 660, Chapel Hill, NC 27514-0660.