The Last Dance: What a Senior Must Do

The Last Dance: What a Senior Must Do


Finals? Oh yeah, I guess I'll start studying for those…
posted 12/09/09

BreckenAs I write this, I am getting ever closer to my last Tuesday/Thursday class of the semester. It's History of Cuba, and let me tell you, I will not be missing it. It was definitely an intriguing class, but a person can only take so much of a class that is all lectures.

That's right – it's the last week of classes. Remember it? Projects and papers are piling up, while you're trying not to fall too far behind in any readings you'll need for your final exams. Luckily for me, many journalism classes only have final projects, or the final exam is during a regular class time. So this week I will be giving two presentations, and that leaves me with one whole week to study for only two finals. This can either be a blessing or a curse. You have plenty of time to study, so you'll feel like you'll get a good grade. But then it's also hard to stay focused when you feel like you have so much time.

My magazine class is finishing up production. We only have one more class on Wednesday and we have a lot to finish before then. Right now we're editing proofs and are finishing up the cover. The magazines won't be printed until January, but the School is nice enough to pay to print out copies for everyone. That class has been a lot of hard work, but as a senior I felt it was necessary to take something that was so practical and relevant to my interests.

And I just found out that one of the classes I signed up for next semester, Newsdesk: Online News Production, was moved to an 8 a.m. spot! But I think I'll stay in it – since I'll be looking for a job soon, I can't afford to drop any class that will add to my skill set. I was complaining about it last night to my roommate, who is an elementary education major, and she reminded me that she has to be at the school at 7:30 a.m. every day next semester. So in the scheme of things, I guess I don't have it too bad.

So while the end of the semester creeps closer, I am trying to keep myself sane and relaxed. How do I do this? Random dance parties in my apartment with my roommate to break the monotony of homework. Eating lots of holiday treats. Decorating a real Christmas tree and putting lights up all over our apartment. I like to think that last one will provide me with a better studying atmosphere when the time comes to lock myself in and get to studying.

In just over a week I'll have seven semesters down, and only one to go!