Why I Love Being a Club Leader

Why I Love Being a Club Leader

“I love that during a Carolina Dook game watch, I can look around at the sea of Carolina Blue, we can chant Tar! Heels! back and forth and end the night with a victory and arms wrapped around each other singing the Alma Mater! And walking in you would never know that we were 700 miles from Chapel Hill in a town dominated by pro sports. You would think you were back on Franklin Street, and those strangers around you who you may never have met in a big city, are now your friends no matter what year you graduated, we are all Tar Heels. I can look back at this and know that I had a hand in making this happen, giving fellow Heels a home away home, our northern part of blue heaven.”

Aime Goldberg Macdonald ’98
Boston Carolina Club

“I love the opportunity to connect with strangers over our shared experiences at UNC . It’s a bond we share no matter how many years transpired between our experiences. They are never strangers for long!”

Erica Johnson ’03
New Orleans Carolina Club

“Being a club leader and planning and attending events has put me in a great position to make lifelong friends. This has translated into great personal friendships as well as excellent business connections. It is impossible to make friends going to events only occasionally, so the consistency of being a club leader has created many relationships in my life that I cherish.”

Nathan Stern ’09
Denver Carolina Club

“I love bringing together local alumni of all ages to participate in events that inform, inspire and encourage our love for the University. There’s nothing that makes me happier than to see if different generations of alumni talking and sharing their experiences with each other. “

Susan Moore ’94
Charlotte Carolina Club

“I love being a club leader because I always feel connected to Chapel Hill. During the 2017 national championship game, sitting at the bar with 200+ of my closest friends from Chicago, I was overcome with pride that I’m part of this wonderful UNC community and that thousands of people across the world were doing the exact same thing as me at that exact same moment. I also love the idea of continually being able to give back to the University and, hopefully, giving Heels in Chicago a place to call their home away from Chapel Hill. “

Taylor Stanford ’07
Chicago Carolina Club

“I LOVE Carolina! Any chance I can represent my school and show others how great WE are, I gladly do it. I enjoy spreading the CAROLINA love in Atlanta and keeping our alma mater alive in everyone’s hearts and minds. Never forget. We are Tar Heels for LIFE!”

Tony Kearney ’89
Atlanta Carolina Club

“As for why I love being a club leader, you only have to imagine being in the Middle East, as I was for 40 years, and not having access to all things North Carolinian—whether that was the sweet greenness and fresh air or simply the sound of a Southern accent!   When I got the chance to organize the Egyptian UNC alumni, I was SO GLAD  to be able to be in touch with so many folks who had shared the Tar Heel experience. 

Serving as a club leader allows me to maintain links with some of the greatest folks in the world—who continue to inspire me to do more for others, who demonstrate that giving is life-long with no age restrictions and who provide a constant support system for all of us.    Thanks for allowing me to be a UNC alumni leader!”

Earlene Gentry  ’71     
Cairo Carolina Club

“My absolute favorite is the freshman send-offs. We get multi-generations alumni attendance and all relive our college days telling our stories and sharing the excitement and anticipation the freshmen carry. I especially like the part where we introduce the Texas beef BBQ eaters to Carolina style BBQ. I LOVE seeing their faces as they take their first bite!”

Robert Page ’90
Austin Carolina Club

“My favorite thing about being a club leader is the social aspect of it. Even more than team spirit, etc., I enjoy meeting people and connecting over shared Carolina experiences.”

Brent McKnight ’16
Blue Ridge Carolina Club

“Because CAROLINA is an awesome and amazing place and I love making sure that everyone on the West Coast knows this.”

Quinn Marvin ’01
San Francisco Carolina Club

“Acting as service committee chair, I have been inspired to get more involved in my community. This year’s service day challenge put several volunteer opportunities on my radar screen while we were considering options for our service event. I will definitely continue to engage the Charleston Carolina Club for regular service events but have also become involved with other efforts on my own as a result. I’m also grateful to have the support of our fabulous president, Jenny Fowler, and super-savvy social chair, Abby Downing. They are both so enthusiastic and reliable, and our goals for expanding the club’s membership and event participation are well-aligned. I think this is going to be a banner year for our club!”

Whitney Bridges ’95
Charleston Carolina Club

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