Class of 1969

Welcome Letter From the Committee

Greetings Classmates of 1969:

It’s our 50th Reunion Weekend, May 9 – 12, 2019, and we want you to come. It really has been 50 years since we proudly graduated in Carmichael Auditorium and left Blue Heaven to seek additional life goals. And now it’s time for our class to return to our alma mater and share old memories and make new ones. We want our class reunion to be the biggest and best one yet. So, reach out to your friends and make reservations to join the celebrations with us in May.

Our Reunion Weekend includes many opportunities to reconnect with friends, highlighted by our induction into the Old Student’s Club at a luncheon, our class of ’69 dinner and dance featuring The Fantasy Band, enrichment sessions, campus tours and our class leading the Commencement procession into Kenan Stadium adorned in Carolina blue gowns redesigned by our own classmate, Alexander Julian.

There are many opportunities for you to help make this a fantastic celebration, including becoming a 50th reunion patron. Your donation will help keep event ticket costs and reunion expenses down to encourage more classmates to attend. In honor of our 50th, we’d also like to remind you of how you may continue to support our Class Gift which we began in 1969, The Molly Nicholson Scholarship Fund. This tuition only scholarship has supported over 100 students. And don’t forget to complete the 50th Anniversary Yackety Yack form so that you are included in this once-in-a-lifetime souvenir booklet.

We are very excited about our 50th Reunion and want you to be there, too.  Think about those special classmates you want to see again and contact them.  Ask them to meet you at our reunion in May.  The GAA can help facilitate contact with our classmates. Make your reservations now. With your help, it will be the Best Reunion Ever! Remember, “Happiness is being with an old friend after a long time and feeling like nothing has changed.” (Anonymous).


Charlie Farris and Sarah Lynn Dorsey Hayes, Reunion Co-Chairs

50th Reunion Steering Committee Members: Nancy Aycock, Peggy Cooke Carter, Kay Fouts Cooke, Nancy Farmer, Jim Harrell, Bob Hunter, Wayne Hurder, Alexander Julian, David Ray Kennedy, Fred Koester, Jean Healy Neville, Steve Savitz, Joanne Peebles Wilson

50th Reunion Patrons

Following the tradition of 50th reunion classes before us, we have created a Patron Fund for our upcoming 50th Reunion, May 9 -12, 2019. Your contribution to our Patron Fund is not a contribution to the GAA or to the University’s General Fund. Classmates may make a contribution to this fund to help defray the costs of events such as the Saturday night banquet and dance, the publication of our 50th Anniversary Yackety Yack, courtesy refreshments at various events and discreet assistance to fellow classmates who would like to attend our 50th Reunion but need financial assistance to do so. By keeping ticket costs and reunions expenses down, we hope to encourage more of our classmates to attend.

Our Patron Fundraising goal is $25,000. As we are the class of ’69, we suggest a contribution of $269, but contributions of any size are welcome. Those who contribute $269 or more will receive a gift copy of the 50th Anniversary Yackety Yack. While contribution amounts will remain confidential, all contributors will be listed alphabetically and thanked in the 50th Anniversary Yackety Yack for donations made before the content submission deadline of Jan. 14. You may know someone or have a business contact who might donate $1,000, $5,000 or more. So don’t hesitate. Send your donation now. You may send a check, pay by credit card or contribute online using the reunion registration form.  Sending your donation now allows us to better budget for the events and activities being planned.

As you may remember, the class of ’69 established a scholarship in the name of Molly Nicholson, a senior class officer, who died in a car accident a few days before graduation. The Nicholson Scholarship has offered many qualified students the opportunity to attend our alma mater. Contributions to this scholarship fund may be made online or by calling gift services at (919) 962-2336. In addition, Patron Fund dollars remaining after our reunion expenses will be contributed to the Nicholson Scholarship. So please, help us meet or exceed our patron fundraising goal.

The reunion committee members have all pledged their support to meet our patron fundraising goal.  We look forward to seeing you in Chapel Hill, May 9 -12, 2019, where the skies are Carolina blue, the Old Well offers cool water and Franklin Street is still the place to be.

Kind regards,

Charlie Farris and Sarah Lynn Dorsey Hayes, Reunion Co-Chairs

50th Reunion Steering Committee Members: Nancy Aycock, Peggy Cooke Carter, Kay Fouts Cooke, Nancy Farmer, Jim Harrell, Bob Hunter, Wayne Hurder, Alexander Julian, David Ray Kennedy, Fred Koester, Jean Healy Neville, Steve Savitz, Joanne Peebles Wilson

Class of ’69 50th Reunion Patrons (as of 4/30/2019)

Charles H. (“Landy”) Anderton
Nancy Aycock
Beth Barnes
James Barnes III
Margaret Basinger
Richard Beaudry
Holly Blanton
Laura Boland
Gayle Bomar
Judith Book
Sarah Boone
Peggy Cook Carter
Ralph Cooke
Richard Cooke
Kay Fouts Cooke
Anne Copenhaver
Christine Copley
Robert Dicks
Noel Dunivant
Harry Fagan
Nancy Farmer
Charles Farris, Jr.
Cecilia Ford
George Gellman
Shari Gingras
Terry Gingras
Sam Gore III
Gregory Grove
Sarah Haizlip
Betty Anne Haley
Douglas Hamilton
Jim Harrell, Jr.
Dan Hartzog
Linda Hawfield
William Hawfield, Jr.
Sarah Lynn Dorsey Hayes
Rich Heavener
Patty Hill
A. Hobgood III
J. Holladay
Lloydette Hoof
Robert Hunter
Wayne Hurder
Robert Isley
Francis Daniel Jackson
Bruce Jolly
Alexander Julian
Larry Keith
David Kennedy
Mark Kilcollin
Thomas Koester III
Eleanor Lacklen
Jay Lacklen
Margaret Lawler
Rod Lee
Lansing Lee
Dan Leigh
Bill Leonard
Andrew Mackie
John Madures
Hanson Malpass
Alice Maniloff
Ken May
Robert McGaw
Clement Medley
Charles H. Mercer, Jr.
John Morris
Jean Neville
Jim Newlin
John Norkus
David Patterson
Martha Patterson
William Rollins
Chase Saunders
Jennifer Carr Savitz
Stephen Savitz
A. Schraner
Susan Sember
John Shaw
Minor Shaw
James Sheppard
Charles Slade
Pamela Slade
Bill Smith
Alan Swendiman
Doug Tilt
Gail Trost
Jane Tyndall
Mary Wayne Watson
Jane Whitaker
Jo Williams
John Williams
Barbara Wirth
Wiley Wood
Bunn Woodard
Claire Woodard
David Yelton

Schedule of Events

Click here to view the full schedule of events for the weekend.

Class of 1969 Specific Events

Opening Reception | Thursday, May 9, 5:30 – 7 p.m. – Graham Memorial
Begin the weekend with a private reception at Graham Memorial. Enjoy light hors d’oeuvres with beverages, including beer and wine. Casual attire.

Class of ’69 Photo | Friday, May 10 – 5:30 p.m.
Join your fellow classmates on the steps of the George Watts Hill Alumni Center for the official 50th reunion class photo. Photos are available for purchase using the online or paper registration form.

50th Reunion Dinner and Dancing with The Fantasy Band | Saturday, May 11, 6– 11 p.m. – The Carolina Club
Gather with your classmates at the beautiful Alumni Hall at The Carolina Club for drinks followed by an elegant, seated dinner. After dinner, enjoy the live music of The Fantasy Band. Dancing is encouraged. Dress is coat and tie for men and dresses or evening pantsuits for women. Cash bar available.

Class of ’69 Commencement Processional | Sunday, May 12, 8 – 9:30 a.m 
Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in a wonderful Carolina tradition in which you join the processional into Kenan Stadium for the 2019 Commencement. This event is consistently rated by past 50th reunion participants as a favorite event of the weekend. Spouses and guests are welcome to join the fun for coffee, pastries and socializing at our gathering spot. They will have a perfect vantage point to watch the procession. Following the processional, which should end around 9:30 a.m., you may depart or enjoy the rest of the Commencement program.

Luncheons and Socials (open to all classes)

 Old Students Club Luncheon | Friday, May 10, 11:30 a.m. – George Watts Hill Alumni Center
James Lee Love (class of 1884) donated an endowment to the General Alumni Association to fund an annual gathering of the “Old Students Club” for all who have reached or passed the 50th anniversary of their graduation year. The featured speaker will be announced in the months ahead. Casual attire. Each graduate from 1969 and earlier, along with one guest, are welcome to attend at no cost.

Friday on the Hill | Friday, May 10,  6 – 8 p.m. –  Location TBD
All Spring Reunions Weekend guests are invited to this fun, casual social featuring food and drinks. Location TBD.

Annual Alumni Luncheon | Saturday, May 11, 12:15 p.m.
Join us for this annual luncheon, during which the GAA’s 2019 Distinguished Service Medals will be presented. Entertainment from the Clef Hangers. Dress is business casual.

Additional Reunion Weekend events (open to all classes)

Friday and Saturday Enrichment Sessions
A great way to learn and engage while on campus for the weekend.  Sessions are complimentary. Click here to view session information and the full weekend schedule of events.

Friday Campus Tours
The walking tour is a pleasant way to revisit the older sections of main campus, although there are plenty of new sites to see along the way. The bus tour is the best way to see the new and familiar of main campus while also learning about the ever-expanding southern edges of UNC. All tours are complimentary. Tickets for bus tours will be given on a first-come, first-served basis as limited seats are available.

50th Reunion Committee Members

Class President and Reunion Co-Chair: Charlie Farris

Steering Committee Members: Nancy Aycock, Peggy Cook Carter, Kay Fouts Cooke, Nancy Farmer, Jim Harrell, Sarah Lynn Dorsey Hayes (Reunion Co-Chair), Bob Hunter, Wayne Hurder, Alexander Julian, David Ray Kennedy, Fred Koester, Jean Healy Neville, Jennifer Carr Savitz, Steve Savitz, Joanne Peebles Wilson

Full Committee Members: Maggie Beth Arruda, John Becton, Gayle Bomar, Ed Bristol, Joe Brown, Ralph Cooke, Christine Copley, Stacy Erb, Mike Erb, Dr. Louise Foushee Horney, Jane Gardner Jordan, Greg Grove, Doug Hamilton, Linda Kee Hawfield, Lloydette Humphrey Hoof, Bruce Jolly, Lansing Lee, Dan Leigh, Frank Macy, Alice Maniloff, Charlie Mercer, Johnny Morris, Gordon Peterson, James “Jim” Powers, Chase Saunders , Bob Sheppard, Jane Shuping Tyndall, Hurley Thompson, Jr., Jim Van Hecke, Linda Williams Norris, Benjamin Bunn Woodard, Bonnie Woodruff, Kathleen Zobel Ball, Jennifer Carr Savitz

50th Anniversary Revised Yackety Yack

Don’t miss your chance to purchase this historical souvenir booklet containing classmate updates in honor of your 50th reunion. Books are available for purchase online for $69. 50th reunion patrons who contribute $269 or more will receive their 50th Anniversary Revised Yackety Yack at no additional cost.

Enjoy a look back at the Class of ’69 25th Anniversary Revised Yackety Yack (published in 1994) using the links below.

Part 1: Introduction pages and beginning of classmate update section

Part 2: Classmate updates continued

Part 3: Deceased list (from 1994)

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