Past Reunions

Photos and Videos

Take a look back on past Spring Reunions Weekends through our video and photo recaps.

Enrichment sessions, including The History of Argyle and Carolina Style with Alexander Julian ’69, Old Student’s Club Luncheon address, Commencement address and photos from the celebrations. See now.

Photos | Commencement Processional Highlights | Thomas Wolfe ’20 – Enrichment Session by Freddie Kiger ’74 | The Triumph of Christianity – Enrichment Session by Bart Ehrman

Photos | Enrichment Videos

Photos | Class of 1966 50th Anniversary Yackety Yack Video | Enrichment Videos

Photos by Shane Snyder  |  Photos by Ray Black | Enrichment Videos

Photos by Shane Snyder  |  Photos by Ray Black | Enrichment Videos

Point of Contact

Jennifer Guy '09
Coordinator of Alumni Reunions and Special Events
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Jennifer joined the GAA in January 2017. She is thrilled to be back at Carolina and loves bumping into fellow Tar Heels on her (almost) daily walks around campus. In her spare time, Jennifer can be found chasing her daughters with her college sweetheart Shawn ’08, dining with friends at their favorite restaurants, playing the piano or getting lost in a good book.