Tar Heel Olympics: Jam It Like Jordan

Friday, July 03 – Sunday, Aug. 8
Wherever You Are

The Summer Olympic Games are in Tokyo, but the Tar Heel Olympics are at your house. Compete individually or encourage your family and friends to gather up their Carolina gear and partake in a little friendly competition. Event two is Jam It Like Jordan. Get inspired.

Here’s what you need:

1-2 baskets, buckets or trash cans
Pieces of paper, crumpled (10 per player)

Here’s what to do:

Don’t miss your shot, Tar Heels. Crumple 10 pieces of paper per player into small paper balls. Each player will shoot their paper “hoops” into a basket, bucket or bin, banking against the wall behind, from a predetermined spot across the room. Every “basket” is worth one point. Use different color pieces of paper if you have multiple players to keep better track. Bonus: Can you make it in less than 23 seconds?

During this event, be sure to record yourself competing. Post your video to our Facebook event, Tar Heel Olympics: Jam It Like Jordan, between Friday, July 30 and Sunday, Aug. 8. That’s how you’ll be counted for competing in this event. Remember, when you compete in all four events (and post the videos to prove it!), and post a photo of you wearing your printable medal by Aug. 8, a 10/10 Carolina can cooler will be mailed your way. You’ll post your event videos within each corresponding Facebook event, and your printable medal photo can be posted in whichever Facebook event you would like, as long as it gets posted. Not only will you be on your way to the epic can cooler, those with the most Carolina spirit will be in the running for additional prizes, too.

Check out the official Tar Heel Olympics Web page for the full schedule of events.

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