Carolina Club to Students: Happy Thanksgiving

The Carolina Club makes a point of ensuring patrons have memorable meals.

This Thanksgiving, for the first time, the staff is extending that effort by providing a free buffet to students who are staying on campus over the holiday break.

Working with Student Affairs, the Student Leadership Advisory Committee and the Rams Club, the club plans to serve 195 students from 30 countries at 2:30 p.m. on Nov. 28. Of those, 34 students are from North Carolina.

The meals are made possible by $25 donations from members of the club, which is located in the George Watts Hill Alumni Center; some families are treating 10 students each, and the Rams Club has sponsored 75 students to mark its 75th anniversary.

“Last year, our staff noticed [UNC] students still on campus on this great American holiday with nowhere to go,” said John Rodriguez, the club’s general manager. “We made a mental note that we must ensure that this did not happen again. … This sponsorship program evolved into something larger than any of us could have ever imagined.” The club plans its “Tar Heel Thanksgiving” to become an annual gathering.

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