Dance Marathon Pushes Half-Million Mark

The Dance Marathon, UNC’s largest student-run fundraiser, just keeps getting bigger. This year, the organizers dropped the 1,600-dancer limit, resulting in approximately 2,000 dancers participating. The event raised $483,210.36 for the N.C. Children’s Hospital, almost $50,000 more than last year.

The marathon has grown in donations every year since it started in 1999 and now has raised almost $3 million for the hospital.

So many dancers wanted to stay on their feet for 24 hours in Fetzer Gym this year that the marathon’s biggest challenge was keeping them fed. Part of the event’s outreach is to the community, where businesses donate food.

The marathon was the dream of Michael Bucy ’01, who was inspired to start a large scale fundraiser by a 48-hour marathon at Penn State University.

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