Little to Investigators: Money Exceeded $20,000

Nearly three years after former UNC football player Greg Little ’12 was suspended from the team as Carolina’s now-long-running investigations into its football program began, Little told investigators with N.C. Secretary of State’s office that he received more money from a sports agent than previously reported and that former tutor Jennifer Wiley ’09 was a go-between with the agent.

According to media reports, the disclosures are contained in a document that had been previously sealed and was released by the state this week.

In October 2010, Little, then a wide receiver from Durham, was declared ineligible by UNC for violations of NCAA agent benefits, preferential treatment and ethical conduct rules. According to the facts submitted by the University, the total value of the benefits for Little was approximately $4,952.

In the newly unsealed documents, Little reportedly told state investigators in January that he received multiple payments over many months totaling more than $20,000 from a sports agent in 2010. Little said payments were sent from the sports agent to Wiley and that Wiley then forwarded them to him, according to media reports.

Wiley has been represented by Raleigh attorney Joseph B. Cheshire V ’70, who told The News & Observer on Thursday: “Neither Jennifer nor I have any comment to what is an old story, one repeated ad nauseam that needs to be allowed to die the death it deserves.”

Little was one of 11 players who received varying penalties stemming from disclosures in 2010 that began with reports of improper player contacts with sports agents and other outsiders and evolved into allegations of academic misconduct.

Little now plays professional football with the Cleveland Browns.

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