Looking to Expand Access, UNC to Provide Free Tuition to More Students

Following the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that affirmative action could no longer be used in university admissions, UNC is taking steps to expand student access.

Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz stated in an announcement on July 7 that Carolina will follow the Supreme Court’s decision and not use race as a factor in admission decisions. The University will also comply with the Court’s ruling that an applicant’s racial experience cannot be credited as “race for race’s sake” but instead “under some circumstances may illuminate” an applicant’s character and contributions.

While complying with the ruling, Carolina is working to expand opportunities in service to students in the state.

Carolina will provide free tuition and required fees for incoming in-state undergraduates whose families make less than $80,000 annually. This offer will begin with the incoming class in 2024 and complies with the University’s efforts to not let financial constraints get in the way of a student’s education.

“Our responsibility to comply with the law does not mean we will abandon our fundamental values as a university,” Guskiewicz said in his announcement. “We are and will remain passionately public, and we will ensure that every student who earns admission to Carolina can come here and thrive.”

Guskiewicz also announced that the University has hired additional outreach officers as part of the admissions team. These officers will serve in under-resourced communities to make students across the state more aware of the affordability of the University.

“We can’t lose different perspectives and experiences in the classroom that give depth to our discussions and make our work impactful, Guskiewicz wrote. “In the months and years to come, we will continue to strive to build upon our vibrant community.”

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