Masked Dancers Boogie Down, Raise Scholarship Money

Costumes galore at the Eve Ball.

Costumes galore at the Eve Ball. (Photographs taken by Jan Kook)

About 350 masqueraders — from angels and devils to Jon and Kate and Cruella de Vil and Dalmatians — danced away the night before Halloween at The Carolina Inn to raise $12,000 for the Eve Marie Carson Scholarship Fund. The fund is named for UNC’s student body president who was murdered in March 2008.

Lori Burgwyn ’88, owner of Franklin Street Yoga Center, began planning the ball in June.

“I read an article about [Eve Carson ’08] after her death that said she would start asking people in August, ‘What are you wearing for Halloween?’ ” Burgwyn said. “I thought this was something she would like to attend.”

Burgwyn was acquainted with Carson, who enrolled in a yoga introduction class in January 2008. After Carson’s death, Burgwyn held special yoga classes and donated participant fees to the scholarship fund, which provides a merit scholarship to a junior for a summer program and the recipient’s senior year at UNC.

Burgwyn said funds raised at the ball surpassed her goal. She plans to hold the event annually to bring together townspeople and UNC students, faculty and staff on the Saturday before Halloween.

“We hope it will get bigger,” she said. “We hope we can raise more money and continue her legacy because the scholarship was her idea.”

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