NCAA Gives Formal Notice of Football Investigation

The University has received a formal notice of inquiry from the NCAA pertaining to the investigation of its football program, a little less than a year after the probe began.

But a notice of allegations — which could be the next step in the process — could come soon. In a letter to Chancellor Holden Thorp ’86, NCAA enforcement officials said it was their intention to complete the investigation this month.

“The notice of inquiry is a formal notification from the NCAA that they have been reviewing our football program,” said Athletics Director Dick Baddour ’66. “We have been working with the NCAA and cooperating with them on this investigation. We are committed to the process and will continue to cooperate.”

NCAA officials initially contacted the University via phone on June 21, 2010, and conducted their first interviews with members of the football program on July 12.

The formal notice acknowledges “possible violations primarily involve the football program” but does not elaborate.

Julie Roe Lach, vice president of enforcement, wrote that if the investigation results in a notice of allegations, “the NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions would assume jurisdiction for correspondence concerning any procedural issues and the hearing process.”

Lach went on to say, “In the event that allegations related to possible major violations of NCAA legislation are substantiated, the Committee on Infractions will consider the case either through the summary disposition or hearing process. A summary disposition involves a written report that is jointly prepared by the institution, enforcement staff and all involved parties.”

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