Pedestrian Safety Law Violations Now Bring Citations

UNC’s Department of Public Safety has begun a campaign to increase pedestrian safety.

While police officers regularly issue both verbal and written warnings, community response unit officers have now begun issuing citations to those violating state pedestrian safety laws.

Citations for $166 (including $141 in court costs) are being issued to those who impede traffic by crossing roadways outside of marked crosswalks or crossing against a crosswalk signal.

“The issuance of citations is in keeping with a schedule we set earlier this fall,” said Chief Jeff McCracken, department director. “Campus construction, earlier nightfall and the number of larger-scale special events scheduled during after-dark hours underscores the need for vigilance by both motorists and pedestrians.”

The campaign reprises a 2006 initiative, when the officers issued hundreds of verbal and written warnings and cited 19 pedestrians.

Those wishing to report concerns for motorists or pedestrians on campus are encouraged to call the pedestrian hotline at (919) 843-PEDS (7337).

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