Radiology Employees Bilk UNC of More Than $300,000

The University has fired three employees and a fourth has resigned from the medical school’s department of radiology upon the revelation of financial mismanagement involving more than $300,000. Two of the ex-employees face criminal charges following a State Bureau of Investigation probe initiated by the University.

Among the findings, a facilities maintenance coordinator, Ronnie A. Tyson, administered moving contracts with companies in which he served as a partner or an associate. According to the investigation report, Tyson’s supervisor, computing consultant Cassandra Clementine Greene-Hines, and the department’s top fiscal manager, James L. Foster, were aware of a family relationship between Tyson and principals of a company retained to provide moving services and did nothing to stop the arrangement.

The report said radiology overpaid by $104,250 for the moving services and overpaid by $86,125 for services such as cleaning, painting and floor installation. The department paid $43,000 more than the going rate for 100 printer toner cartridges, and Greene-Hines received about $3,000 from the supplier, the report said.

Auditors discovered another $112,750 in excess charges involving information technology activities, cleaning services and billing practices.

Foster, Greene-Hines and Tyson were fired. Wesley Hall, an administrative manager, resigned.

Greene-Hines faces two felony embezzlement charges for allegedly misapplying and converting to her use kickbacks totaling $3,100 as well as software valued at $179 while using department purchasing cards. Tyson faces two criminal misdemeanor charges involving conflict of interest in connection with $198,061 of billings.

The report concluded that the department’s operating procedures were inadequate to ensure that transactions were reasonable or followed policies and procedures.

Chancellor James Moeser said officials believe it is an isolated case. Moeser said the University was correcting all deficiencies identified in the audit review in the radiology department as well as with central operating processes.

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