Sigma Chi Gets Probation on Hazing Decision Appeal

After appealing a peer judicial board’s decision to suspend the group, Sigma Chi fraternity now looks ahead to the new year with a lighter sentence.

In November, the fraternity plead guilty to six hazing charges, and was found guilty of a seventh. The charges included forced consumption of alcohol and other substances, verbal harassment and assigning illegal activities as tasks.

Greek Judicial Board officials at UNC suspended the fraternity until 2009, but an appeal to the Office of Student Affairs changed its fate.

The Alpha Tau chapter now will be under University probation until Dec. 31, which means the group will not be able to hold social events with other organizations. The fraternity, however, is allowed to hold rush and to initiate new members.

The decision was made by Margaret Jablonski, vice chancellor for student affairs.

“I wanted the sanctions to be proportional to the allegations, and to be in concert with what the authority of the Greek Judicial Board is,” Jablonski told The Daily Tar Heel in January.

Sigma Chi released a statement that read in part: “As a chapter we are glad that the appeals process has concluded, and we are now able to initiate our new members. We believe that this experience will improve our new member program and our chapter as a whole.”

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