The Class of '12

These facts on the entering freshman class are estimates from the UNC Office of Undergraduate Admissions, based on information as of Aug. 12:

  • 21,511 students applied; 7,307, or 34 percent, were admitted; 3,900, or 53 percent of those admitted, were expected to enroll.
  • Average SAT score: 1301, down one point from last year.
  • From all 100 N.C. counties, 41 states, the District of Columbia and 19 other countries. Eighty percent are from N.C. (The 80 percent figure does not include the approximately 90 students who are on full scholarship and therefore are counted as North Carolinians for the purpose of the state’s 18 percent cap on out-of-state enrollment. When those are included, this entering class is composed of slightly more than 82 percent North Carolinians, according to the admissions office.)
  • 79 percent of those who reported a class rank were in the top 10 percent of graduating high school classes; 43 percent ranked in the first 10 spots; 7.2 percent ranked first.
  • 88.6 percent of those who reported a grade point average posted at least a 4.0.
  • 68.9 percent are Caucasian; 10.7 percent African-American, 8.7 percent Asian-American; 5.6 percent Hispanic; 0.8 percent American Indian; 0.1 percent Hawaiian, Pacific Islander.
  • For a year, it will cost them $5,396 for in-state tuition and required fees; $22,294 for out-of-state tuition and fees; $5,050 for a room; $3,068 for board; and an estimated $1,000 for books and supplies.

The student body is expected to total 17,628 undergraduates, 8,177 graduate students and 2,331 professional students, for a total of 28,136.

Final fall enrollment figures are expected in early September.

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