UNC, NCAA Deliberate Toward Resolving Case

This fall, the University will practice something it has gotten really good at: waiting for the NCAA.

UNC officials met with the athletics governing body’s Committee on Infractions Aug. 16 and 17 in Nashville, Tenn. in a hearing that both expect will produce a resolution of UNC’s long-running fraudulent classes case. Media reports said the deliberations lasted 15 hours.

There was no comment from anyone in attendance as to the substance of the hearing. The NCAA is expected to take most of the rest of the year to come up with a ruling. The case has been beset by delays, including three separate notices of allegations from the NCAA and a UNC response to each one. Last spring, infractions committee Chair Greg Sankey promised that there would be no more delays.

Following its response to the third notice of allegations in May, University officials continue to argue their case that the no-attendance, paper-only classes were not designed for athletes and were not available to athletes on a preferred basis; and that the staff of the academic support center for athletes did not act improperly.

Therefore, University officials say, the case is not punishable under the athletics governing body’s bylaws. The NCAA  has repeatedly rejected that claim.

The NCAA insists that academics related to athletes is within its jurisdiction.

Chancellor Carol L. Folt and Athletics Director Bubba Cunningham participated in the August hearing along with other University officials and Roy Williams ’72, Sylvia Hatchell and Larry Fedora. The NCAA requested the presence of the basketball and football coaches.

The newest documents in the case are available at


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