Charter Member Greetings

Charter Member Greetings

Dear Sorors:

Fifty years ago, in the spring of 1973, six University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill coeds embarked on a journey seeking membership into Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. Under the leadership and guidance of two sorority members, Meta Weaver and Mary Thomas, we were instructed on the history, mission, goals and tenets of Delta Sigma Theta. We studied and absorbed the merits of sisterhood, scholarship, service and social action. We understood that as Deltas we were expected to portray and carry out these virtues in everything we achieved.

On July 21, 1973, five of us were duly initiated into Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. Immediately following our initiation, the South Atlantic Regional Director chartered the Kappa Omicron Chapter on Carolina’s campus, and we were its charter members (along with Soror Meta Weaver and Soror Angela Bryant ’73). The daunting task before us was to establish and develop the foundation of the Kappa Omicron Chapter.

Throughout these years, the members of this chapter have embraced its mission and goals, provided unparalleled service to the UNC campus and Chapel Hill community, engaged others in the pursuit of social justice, furthered its commitment to sisterhood, and maintained the highest scholastic and leadership standings on campus. Fifty years later, the Kappa Omicron Chapter stands as a beacon for all other chapters in the South Atlantic Region and the Grand Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. We marvel that what was created by five UNC sophomores (with the assistance of their advisors) has become a chapter with legendary status in Delta. We could not be more proud of each one of you.

We celebrate every soror who has been initiated into Delta Sigma Theta Sorority through Kappa Omicron. With tremendous pride and love, we welcome you back to where it all started so that you can renew your bonds, fellowship with your line sisters and big sisters, meet Kappa Omicron sorors who you have not met and re-commit yourselves to our Nine Cardinal Virtues and what Delta Sigma Theta is truly all about.

Sorors, we salute you. As our national theme suggests, continue to go Forward with Fortitude.

The Charter Line of the Kappa Omicron Chapter
Rosa Thompson McAfee ’75
Deborah C. Wilder ’75
Carolyn Washington Bryson ’75
Belinda Williams Murrell ’76 (Omega Omega Chapter)
Mae H. Israel ’75