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Catherine Nichols '89
Senior Coordinator of Faculty Relations and Travel
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Catherine joined the GAA in Sept. 2016. She loves connecting faculty with alumni and the community. As an alumna of UNC and native of Chapel Hill, she’s thrilled to represent UNC and the alumni community through her work. Catherine enjoys spending time on campus with her family and traveling at any opportunity. She also enjoys movies, biking and reading.

The General Alumni Association and Carolina Public Humanities are proud to partner on a variety of programs throughout the year. We encourage anyone interested in engaging, innovative lecturers and seminars to explore any of the upcoming events.

Humanities in Action – GAA members save $5 on Humanities in Action webinars or save $15 on a season ticket.

Adventures in Ideas – GAA members save  $15 on one Adventures in Idea webinar per a semester or save $25 on a season ticket.

Lunch with Friends and Strangers – GAA members save $6 on Lunch with Friends and Strangers season ticket.

Visit, or call (919) 962-144, for complete program information and costs.

Humanities in Action Virtual Talks

Traditionally an in-person forum for discussion of topics in the news, Carolina Public Humanities has organized five virtual talks that speak to the challenges America is facing.  Each webinar is accompanied with a live question and answer session with the presenter.  Please be sure to confirm date and time in that circumstances this fall may quickly change.

Adventures in Ideas Webinars

Usually held in cozy settings throughout campus, Carolina Public Humanities has adapted these powerhouse seminars to become completely engaging virtual experiences. Participants learn from, and talk with, world-class faculty from UNC and surrounding universities.

Some seminars will take place throughout a single day, and others will be presented over multiple days to allow greater flexibility and safety for our scholars. Specific dates and times will be added as they become available.

The registration fee for each seminar is $50, or you can purchase a season pass to all five fall seminars for only $175 ($150 for GAA members).  GAA members also receive a $15 discount on one seminar registration per semester.

Lunch with Friends and Strangers

Click in with Carolina Public Humanities’ Max Owre for a series of one-on-one talks with Tar Heels as they discuss leading figures in history, some likely strangers, some more familiar to you.  Each event starts at 12:00 noon and run approximately 45 minutes.

Feb. 12Hassan Melehy on Jack Kerouac

Feb. 19Charlene Regester on Dorothy Dandridge

Feb. 26Matt Andrews on Muhammad Ali

March 5 Kathleen DuVal on Manteo

March 26Victoria Rovine on the Pith Helmet

April 2Heidi Kim on Jade Snow Wong

Carolina Public Humanities Event Calendar

Please visit the Carolina Public Humanities’ event calendar to see a full list of events.