Carolina's Rhodes Scholars


To date, 54 students or alumni from Carolina have been chosen to attend Oxford University as Rhodes Scholars. The program began in 1902.

The information below is from the GAA’s Alumni Records Department. The Records Department welcomes updates about these individuals via email.

* denotes Morehead Scholars and, as of 2007, Morehead-Cain Scholars


  • Kimathi Muiruri ’21 (Rhodes ’22); from Pickering, Ontario; graduated in environmental studies and history; after graduation, he supported research on land, agriculture and food systems at Columbia University’s Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment; will study environmental change and management at Oxford’s School of Geography and Environment.
  • Justin Hadad ’21 (Rhodes ’22); of Dublin, Ohio; graduated in economics and applied physics; after graduation, he designed software for low-tech companies; will pursue a master’s degree in economics at Oxford’s Martin School, using economic resource allocation algorithms to place refugees in environments where they’re best suited to thrive.
  • Takhoma Hlatshwako ’22 (Rhodes ’22); from the Kingdom of Eswatini in Southern Africa (formerly Swaziland); majoring in health policy and management at UNC’s Gillings School of Global Public Health; will pursue a master’s in international health and tropical medicine through the Oxford Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health within the Nuffield Department of Medicine, an interdisciplinary program that examines major health challenges of populations in low- and middle-income countries.
  • Peter Andringa ’20 (Rhodes ’21); from Alexandria, Va; graduated in journalism and computer science and was a Robertson Scholar at UNC; after graduation, he worked at The Washington Post as a data visualization engineer on elections coverage and projects that integrate technology into the Post’s reporting.
  • * Sarah Mackenzie ’20 (Rhodes ’21); from Calgary, Alberta; graduated in public policy and global studies and minored in Arabic; was a Morehead-Cain Scholar at UNC; after graduation, worked as a Thomas W. Ross North Carolina Leadership Fellow in Carolina’s public policy department and as a client advocate for the Center for Appellate Litigation in New York.


  • * Steven Paul Shorkey Jr. ’11 (Rhodes ’10); native of Charlotte; works is director of strategy and research for Haven; lives in Boston.
  • * Laurence Deschamps-Laporte ’11 (Rhodes ’10); native of Repentigny, Quebec, Canada; director of policy for the cabinet of the foreign minister of Canada; lives in Ottawa, Canada.
  • * Rachel M. Myrick ’13 (Rhodes ’12); assistant research professor of political science at Duke University; lives in Durham.
  • Sarah M. Bufkin ’13 (Rhodes ’14); examination fellow, All Souls College; lives in London.



  • * Karine Dube ’03 (’16 DrPH) (Rhodes ’03); research assistant professor in UNC’s School of Public Health’s Public Health Leadership Program; lives in Chapel Hill.
  • * Elizabeth Kistin Keller ’04 (Rhodes ’04); works as a program leader in science and technology for Sandia National Laboratories; lives in Albuquerque, N.M.
  • * Kate Harris ’05 (Rhodes ’05); an author who also works in environmental policy reporting and analysis with the International Institute for Sustainable Development; lives in Atlin, British Columbia.
  • * Rachel Mazyck Pfeifer ’02 (Rhodes ’05); works as executive director of college and career readiness for Baltimore City Public Schools; lives in Columbia, Md.
  • * Adrian Johnston ’06 (Rhodes ’06); counsel, Department of Justice Canada; lives in Ottawa, Canada.
  • * Ben Lundin ’07 (Rhodes ’06); CEO of Pacify; lives in Washington, D.C.
  • * Aisha Ihab Saad ’09 (Rhodes ’08); lives in Durham.
  • * Elisabeth “Lisette” Yorke ’09 (Rhodes ’08); postgraduate pediatrician with The Hospital for Sick Children; lives in Toronto.
  • * Henry Lawlor Spelman ’10 (Rhodes ’09); has worked as a stipendiary lecturer, Balliol College, Cambridge; lives in Swarthmore, Penn.
  • * Elizabeth Blair “Libby” Longino Cohen ’10 (Rhodes ’09); director of advocacy and outreach with Raise Your Hand Texas, based in Austin, Texas.



  • Ryan Krieger Balot ’90 (Rhodes ’90); professor, University of Toronto.
  • * Peter Blair Henry ’91 (Rhodes ’91); business professor and former dean, New York University; lives in New York.
  • * William David Ball ’92 (Rhodes ’92); associate law professor, Santa Clara University; lives in Palo Alto, Calif.
  • * Ganesh Muthian Gunasekaran ’93 (Rhodes ’93); political consultant; lives in Studio City, Calif.
  • * Dacia Merle Sampson Toll ’94 (Rhodes ’94); director and founder, Amistad Academy; lives in New Haven, Conn.
  • * Leslie Carolyn Kendrick ’98 (Rhodes ’98); professor of law, University of Virginia; lives in Charlottesville, Va.
  • Jonathan Israel Tepper ’98 (Rhodes ’98); chief editor, Variant Perception; lives in Madrid, Spain.



  • * Robert Allen Long Jr. ’80 (Rhodes ’80); partner, Covington & Burling, and adjunct law professor; lives in Arlington, Va.
  • * Caleb Kimball King ’82 (Rhodes ’82); has worked as a physician/medical missionary in Rwanda; lives in Chapel Hill.
  • * Lawrence Thomas Ellis Jr. ’83 (Rhodes ’83); founder and president, Paths to Change Consulting; lives in Oakland, Calif.
  • * Robyn Shernita Hadley ’85 (Rhodes ’85); associate vice chancellor for student affairs and dean of the Office of Scholar Programs, Washington University in St. Louis, Mo.; past chair of the GAA Board of Directors (2013-14); lives in St. Louis.
  • * Bryan Christopher Hassel ’88 (Rhodes ’88); co-director, Public Impact; lives in Chapel Hill.



  • * Thomas Michael Bello ’71 (Rhodes ’71); taught adult English as a second language teacher; lived in McLean, Va.; died in March 2016.
  • C. Ford Runge ’74 (Rhodes ’74); chaired professor of applied economics and law, University of Minnesota; lives in Stillwater, Minn.
  • Harold Brent McKnight ’74 (Rhodes ’74); was a U.S. District judge, Western District of North Carolina; lived in Charlotte; McKnight died in November 2004 and was to have become chief district judge in January 2005.
  • * James Hayes Shofner Cooper ’75 (Rhodes ’75); U.S. Congressman; lives in Nashville, Tenn.
  • * Hubertus Jan van der Vaart ’77 (Rhodes ’77); president/CEO, Small Enterprise Assistance Funds; lives in Falls Church, Va.
  • * Karen Leslie Stevenson ’79 (Rhodes ’79); works as a U.S. magistrate judge, U.S. District Court; lives in Los Angeles; was the first African-American woman to receive Rhodes Scholarship.



  • Norton Fortune Tennille Jr. ’62 (Rhodes ’62); former executive director, Southern Africa Environmental Project; lives in Rosebank, South Africa.
  • Robert W. Spearman ’65 (Rhodes ’65); was a partner and attorney with Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein; lived in Raleigh; died in December 2017.



  • Paul Ross Likins ’55 (Rhodes ’55); lives in Southport, Conn.
  • Edwin Milton Yoder Jr. ’56 (Rhodes ’56); former columnist, The Washington Post Writers Group; lives in Chapel Hill.
  • Richard Henry Baker ’56 (Rhodes ’56); former rector, Church of the Guardian Angel, Baltimore; lived in Eagles Mere, Pa.; died in January 1999.



  • Nelson Ferebee Taylor ’42 (Rhodes ’49); former professor in UNC’s School of Law and chancellor of UNC (1972-80); lived in Chapel Hill; died in February 2004.
  • Donald Graham Henderson ’48 (Rhodes ’48); lived in Alexandria, Va.; died in July 1983.



  • Robert Warren Barnett ’33 (Rhodes ’33); author and former deputy secretary of state under presidents Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon; was president of the Asia Society; lived in Washington, D.C.; died in July 1997.
  • Ernest Craige ’39 (Rhodes ’39); retired UNC professor of medicine; lived in Chapel Hill; died in January 2008.



  • Corydon Perry Spruill ’20 (Rhodes ’20); professor emeritus in UNC’s department of economics and former dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; lived in Chapel Hill; was a classmate and fraternity brother of Thomas Wolfe ’20; died in 1988.
  • Thomas James Wilson III ’21 (Rhodes ’21); head of the UNC Press and later head of the Harvard University Press; died in June 1969.
  • William J. Cocke Jr. ’25 (Rhodes ’26); classmate of Thomas Wolfe ’20; was a lawyer in private practice; lived in Asheville; had a cameo appearance in Wolfe’s Of Time and The River as the Pulpit Hill Rhodes scholar in Oxford when Eugene Gant visits; died in December 1973.
  • D. Edward Hudgins Sr. ’28 (Rhodes ’29); former GAA president and member of the GAA Board of Directors; counsel to Spencer Love of Burlington Industries; general counsel, Jefferson-Pilot Insurance; chairman of the Greensboro School Board at the time of Brown v. Board of Education who courageously pledged compliance with the decision; lived in Greensboro; died in May 1991.


  • William Monroe Gaddy, class of 1909 (Rhodes 1910); died in April 1967.
  • Edgar Willis Turlington, class of 1911 (Rhodes 1911); died in September 1959.



  • Oscar Rand Jr., class of 1908 (Rhodes 1908); former colonel, U.S. Army; lived in Washington, D.C.; died in September 1981.
  • J. Horner Winston, class of 1904 (Rhodes 1904); lived in Evanston, Ill.; died in April 1968.

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