Scholarship Fund to Benefit Children of Low-income UNC Employees

A handful of students are expected to have help with the cost of their educations from a new source next fall. The Family Scholarship Fund, which has received $200,000 in seed money from the University, is aimed at children of UNC employees who can’t afford the cost of college.

The scholarships can be used at any UNC System school or any of the state’s community colleges. N.C. State University has a similar program, but its fund can be used only at NCSU.

The fund is the idea of Bruce Egan, associate director for the campus Information Technology Response Center. Egan said he hopes that bringing opportunities to the families of University employees who can’t afford to send their children to college will foster a greater sense of community on the campus. Already, he said, faculty members have demonstrated their support by making contributions deducted from their salaries.

“An idea is just an idea until folks roll up their sleeves and get to work,” Egan said.

The inaugural candidates will apply this spring. The UNC Office of Scholarships and Student Aid will validate the need of the applicants, after which a board consisting of two faculty members and two staff members will determine the fall 2005 recipients. These students will receive the aid award for each year they attend college.

The seed money is envisioned as the start of an endowment. Egan plans to solicit interest in the fund from private donors and foundations.

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