Cover Letter Tips

Cover letters are still an important part of the application process but all too often, applicants opt to not submit one.  We get it.  Writing an effective, tailored cover letter takes time and is hard to do. But taking the time to write an engaging cover letter will help you stand out in the application process.

Here are a few things to remember when writing a cover letter:

Tip # 1: Lead with the qualifications and experience you have that align with what the organization is looking for – the most important thing to address in a cover letter is that you can do the job.

Tip # 2: Use specific examples and build on what you’ve put forth in the resume. Further explanation can show the reader exactly what you accomplished and why it’s important.

Tip # 3: Convey your excitement for the position and/or the organization – why is this the right next step for you and why you are the right fit.

Tip # 4: Keep your cover letter to one page. Cover letters are a time to show your ability as an effective and efficient communicator. Letters longer than one page are likely to be skimmed or not read.

Tip # 5: If you’re having trouble getting started or if you’re unsure if your cover letter is ready to submit to hiring managers ask an expert. Included with your Carolina Alumni membership is a complimentary career coaching session (a $150 value).

Review the following samples to get a better idea of how to write the perfect cover letter.

For more information, Carolina Alumni members can view a recorded webinar on cover letters.