Class of 1968: 50th Reunion Celebration

Thanks for Celebrating With Us
Congrats, class of 1968, on your 50th reunion. We had so much fun celebrating with you in May.
Look Back With Photos

We enjoyed celebrating your 50th with you. We can’t wait to see you again next year for the Old Students Club Luncheon on Friday, May 10, 2019. Until then, keep the conversation and fun going with fellow classmates in the ’68 Facebook group  and enjoy highlights from 2018 below.

50th Reunion Highlights

  June 1968 issue of the Association’s Alumni Review, featuring the Commencement address and many other items about your 1968 Commencement

 Watch the address by Wade Smith ’61 at this year’s Old Students Club Luncheon. Transcript of the address (PDF)

 Watch the class of 1968 processional into Kenan Stadium (that link will allow you to watch the entire Commencement or you may start at minute 31:46 for the ’68 processional)

 Watch this short video that includes highlights from the class of ’68 arriving at the Football Center on Sunday morning.

Read some of the personal stories and memories shared by alumni who attended Spring Reunions weekend.

Go behind the scenes with the class of 1968 as they participate in Commencement, some for the first time

Listen to the GAA’s Hark the Sounds podcast as the class of 1968 talks about life on campus during one of the most tumultuous times in American history

• View the photo gallery from the weekend (you do not have to be on Facebook to view)

 Watch two recorded enrichment sessions: Thomas Wolfe ’20 by Freddie Kiger ’74 and The Triumph of Christianity: How a Forbidden Religion Swept the World by Bart Ehrman

50th Reunion Patrons

Thanks, 50th Reunion Patrons, for your contributions and support!

Reunion Patrons 

Gene Anderson
Joseph Bailey
Laura Barrier
Candace Bell
James Black, III
Sara Blackwelder
Jean Bliss
Rick Blue
Ronald Bobo
Harold Bolick
Ruth Kutzke Bradshaw
Anita Brame
Douglas Broadway
Richard Brock
Mike Brown
Liza Robb Bryan
Linda Butler
Cliff Butler
Ken Carter
John Civils
Phillip Clay
William Cobb
Paul Crayton
Susan Culp
Reed Cunningham
David Fater
Steven Fox
James B. Frye
Jonathan C. Gibson
Mayo Gravatt
Coke Gunter
Hooper Hall, Jr.
Hjalmar W. Hannesson
Karl Hanson, Jr.
Hugh Hargett
Martha Hays
Thomas Higgins, III
Robert Hobgood
Edward Hockfield
John Hughes
Don Johnson
Gus Kaufman
David Kiel
Mary Ann Kirkpatrick
Lesley W. Marcello
James Martin
Martha McPhail
Charles McRorie
Candy Means
Ronald Miller
Caroline Cottingham Mitchell
James Moore, III
Frances Dayvault Morisey
Sharon Morris
Brad Munday
William Oakley
Charlotte Oliver
Robert Orr
Colin Osborne, III
Joseph Pike
Petrie Rainey
John D. Richards
Dillon Robertson
Judi Rose
Richard Roskind
Helen Salt
William Scurry
Stephen Sewell
Bill Spry
Mary Starling
Sam Starling
John Strawbridge
Charlotte Sweeney
Jim Tanner
Carl Taylor
George Teague
George Tennille
Fronis Thigpen
Thomas Tilley
Lamar Toole
Robert Travis
William B. Travis
James Turbeville
Alice Graham Underhill
Charles Vincent
Diana Wallace
Amanda Watlington
Malchus Watlington
Clifford Watts, III
Calvin Wells
Roger Werner
John Wester
Judy White
Joan Harney Wiles
Leon Woodruff
Randolph Worth
Robert Wright

50th Reunion Committee Members

On behalf of the UNC General Alumni Association, a huge thank you to the 1968 Reunion Committee for their hard work and effort making this year’s 50th reunion a success. Their ideas for the weekend and calls to other classmates make all the difference.

Permanent Class President Don Johnson

Steering Committee Members: Anita Brame, Linda Butler, Cliff Butler, David Kiel, Della Michaux, Bill Travis, Mal Watlington, Roger Werner, Buddy Wester, Judy White, Leon Woodruff

Full Committee Members: 

Jack Betts

Jean Winter Bliss

Liza Robb Bryan

Phil Clay

Susan Barber Culp

Ann Dixon

Steve Fox

Jonathan Gibson

Megan  Keleher Hack

Eddie Hockfield

Billie Palantzas   Huston

Mary Ann Kirkpatrick

Elinor Woods Kline

Liz Critcher McGuffey

Martha  McPhail

Candy Carr Means

Gail Lynch Miller

Ron Miller

Caroline Cottingham Mitchell

Frances Dayvault Morisey

Kara “Kem” Mort

Bill Oakley

Robert Orr

Sharon  Rose Powell

Dillon Robertson

Bill Spry

Sam Starling

Mary Starling

Raymond “Chip” Stone

Carl Taylor

George  Teague

Alice Graham Underhill

Roger Werner

Chocky White

Joan Harney Wiles

Eleanor Keen Williams

Randy Worth

Point of Contact

Allison Deem '10
Coordinator of Alumni Reunions
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Allison joined the Carolina Alumni staff in May 2022. She is excited to be back home at Carolina planning events for Tar Heels to reunite in Chapel Hill. Allison enjoys live music, spending time at the beach, a good cup of tea and playing with her cat, Alice.