Clef Hangers

Founded in 1976 by a group of Carolina undergraduates, the UNC Clef Hangers boast a rich tradition of delighting crowds across the U.S., from New York to Los Angeles to Faison, N.C. The Clef Hangers offer a varied and extensive selection of songs that appeal to all ages and musical tastes. Learn more at

The UNC General Alumni Association is a proud sponsor of the Clef Hangers.

Book the Clef Hangers

The UNC Clef Hangers are available to perform at weddings, anniversary celebrations, reunions, sporting events and more. Please contact the group’s business manager to request your booking at


“There are not many decisions in life that are so unquestionably right that they really can’t be considered decisions at all – stopping by Suttons for a burger and a shake, sitting on the deck at Top of the Hill sipping an Old Well White, rooting against Duke anytime, anywhere, in any sport. Add one to the list – calling the Clef Hangers to perform at your next Tar Heel event. We did, for a graduation party, and they were the hit of the night. Their musical talent is unparalleled. Their showmanship, a cappella genius and high energy style is fun, infectious and refreshing. And the memories of an amazing and unique experience will stay with you, your family and friends long after the event is over. Go Heels, and Go Clef Hangers – and you can’t go wrong.”

– Tom Shea, UNC parent

HAPPY - UNC Clef Hangers
HAPPY - UNC Clef Hangers
Point of Contact

Katy Lucci '13
Coordinator of Student Enrichment and Young Alumni Engagement