Care Package Program

OBT provides a Care Packages service program each year through a trusted partnership with On Campus Marketing LLC. Many students receive Care Packages during several times a year. Care Packages are tangible proof that the people students count on are thinking of them at exam time. It makes them feel supported, not alone. It’s also fun. Parents will receive mailings with information on ordering.

All orders are received and processed by On Campus Marketing LLC. Please direct all your care package questions to On Campus Marketing LLC at (800) 892-8741.

Granville Towers and Care Packages
Granville Towers is considered an on-campus residence hall. Students living in Granville Towers can receive care packages.

Care package order forms and payment should be mailed to:

On Campus Marketing (for UNC-Chapel Hill)
3 Graphics Drive
PO Box 7668
W Trenton, NJ 08628-0668

Do not send order forms or payment directly to OBT.