Order of the Bell Tower: True Blue Trivia

Thursday, Nov. 1 | 6 p.m.
Union  Room 3205

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How many steps to the top of the Bell Tower? How did Rameses become our mascot? Could you answer each of these in 10 seconds, or less? Then you could win the first ever True Blue Trivia Challenge. To win top prizes, you must answer as many questions correctly as possible, and as fast as possible.

If you find yourself competing in trivia nights on Franklin, playing HQ everyday, or just bleed Carolina Blue, you and your friends could battle to take home amazing prizes.  Free food for all participants, too.

To be able to participate in the game, you MUST bring an internet connected device. A cellphone would be easiest for game play. When registering for the game, you must create a single, or team, nickname in order to identify you during the game.