Tool Kit for Leaders

Club Leaders Tool Kit

This toolkit is designed to help you, our valued Carolina Club leaders, to manage your local Carolina Clubs more effectively while providing you with the latest information on available resources and services.

NOTE:  Beginning 9/22/15, all clubs must follow a new policy for handling credit card payments at club events.  The new policy is necessary for the GAA to remain PCI compliant.    Click here to read the memo detailing the new policy for handling credit card payments at club events.   The link to this same memo, along with a related memo (still applicable) for handling on site payments at clubs events, can also be found in the Handbook for Club Leaders tab below.

As of March 2017, clubs have access to Alumni.Fund, a mobile payment option through Alumni Spaces. Click here to see information regarding Alumni.Fund.

Broadcast Email Explanation and Calendar

Explanation of what broadcast emails are and the process to send one.

Please print this out and post somewhere you will see it. If you know you have plans to hold an event in the future, note the dates of the broadcast that best fits your marketing and go ahead and let me know that you intend to send a broadcast on that date. You do not have to wait until the text due date to let me know that you intend to send a message.

2017 Broadcast Dates

Date of Email Send All text due to GAA by
Tuesday, Jan. 10 Tuesday, Jan. 3
Tuesday, Jan. 24 Tuesday, Jan. 17
Wednesday, Feb. 8
(Duke Game Watches Only)
Special note* (update Alumni Spaces by Feb. 3)
Thursday, Feb. 16
Wednesday, Feb. 8
Tuesday, Feb. 28 Tuesday, Feb. 21
Thursday, March 2
(Duke Game Watches Only)
Special note* (update Alumni Spaces by Feb. 24)
Tuesday, March 14 Monday, March 6
Monday, March 27
Monday, March 20
Tuesday, April 11 Monday, April 3
Monday, April 24 Monday, April 17
Tuesday, May 9 Monday, May 1
Tuesday, May 30 Monday, May 22
Tuesday, June 13 Monday, June 5
Tuesday, June 27 Monday, June 19
Tuesday, July 11 Monday, July 3
Wednesday, July 26 Tuesday, July 18
Tuesday, Aug. 8 Monday, July 31
Tuesday, Aug. 22 Monday, Aug. 14
Tuesday, Sept. 12 Tuesday, Sept. 5
Tuesday, Sept. 26 Monday, Sept. 18
Tuesday, Oct. 10 Monday, Oct. 2
Tuesday, Oct. 24 Monday, Oct. 16
Tuesday, Nov. 14 Monday, Nov. 6
Tuesday, Nov. 28 Monday, Nov. 20
Tuesday, Dec. 12 Monday, Dec. 4

All text is due by 5 p.m. (EST) on the stated day.

*The Duke game-watch emails will be sent to all club areas where a game-watch event has been entered into the club’s Alumni Spaces website by 8 a.m. EST the Friday before the email send date. There is no special request necessary and other content will not be considered for these two dates. 

What is a broadcast email?
Broadcast emails are sent from the GAA to all alumni and friends living in your club area. You provide the GAA with text and we create the email, gather the addresses and send on the scheduled date. The emails should include catchy summaries of updates and upcoming events that link to your club’s Alumni Spaces websites for more details. There is no cost to sending a broadcast email, but please keep in mind that not everyone receives broadcast emails.

Why doesn’t everyone receive them?
We typically have email addresses for around 80 percent of alumni in any given area. Also, everyone has the option of opting out of receiving emails from the GAA and some alumni have done so. Further, collecting and entering email addresses is not a perfect science, we sometimes have bad/old email addresses that bounce the messages that we send.

How do I get a broadcast email scheduled?
Send an email to Jennifer Farrell at to request a broadcast email. We will add you to the list of clubs scheduled for the date you choose. Then please be sure to have all of your text to Jennifer by the posted due date (earlier is even better!). You do not need to wait until the text is due to let us know you’d like to send a broadcast. You can let me know today that you’d like to send a broadcast on June 27 if you know you’ll have an event in July that you’d like to publicize.

How often can our club send a broadcast email?
We schedule two dates each month to send broadcast emails to each club area. Your club can send one broadcast email each month.

Why are there only two dates each month?
There is one calendar in which all broadcast emails generated from the University are scheduled. In the past, we were able to accommodate requests as they came in. But with the increasing use of email broadcasts around the campus, we realized that we had to schedule them further and further in advance. Finally, we decided to pick two dates for each month to make it easier for us and you to plan your email marketing.

Is it possible to send on a date not included on the calendar?
It’s possible, but extremely unlikely. Squeezing in an email outside of the regular dates has become extremely difficult as there are many campus departments that schedule to send emails. Often, if we do squeeze an email onto the calendar it will be sent on the weekend. That’s not a large problem, but many of the email addresses we have on file are business email addresses. It’s far easier for a broadcast to get lost in a mass of other emails over the weekend. So we will always encourage you to stick to the scheduled dates.

Club Leaders on Facebook

Join your fellow Carolina Club leaders on our Facebook group.

How to Start a Club

If there is no club listed for your area and you would like to start one, take a moment to read the information on this page, and then contact Jennifer Farrell ’12 at (919) 843-5115 or

Alumni Spaces Club Website Tips

First and foremost, if there is an issue that you are experiencing with your site, please email for the fastest and most technical response.

Otherwise, here are a few helpful links to refresher videos that can help you add an event, a news update or a new volunteer to your site.

How to add a new Volunteer:

How to add a News Update:

How to add an Activity or Event:

A Helpful Document with additional tips and tricks from the GAA:


Opt-in Email List Training

This video will show you how to use the GAA’s opt-in email tool.

To get your email list set up, email Jennifer Farrell ’12 at

Point of Contact

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