Carolina Club Ambassador Corps

Carolina Club

Carolina Club leaders inducted into this elite corps are recognized by the General Alumni Association Board of Directors as exemplary volunteers who have distinguished themselves with notable success beyond expectations in leadership of an active, vibrant and growing Carolina Club in their local area.

Leaders inducted into this group have demonstrated success in

  • inspiring others to serve as volunteers sharing in the commitment to the local club’s mission and goals
  • creating and managing activities and events to meet the interests and needs of local alumni that keeps them informed and involved with the University
  • representing the GAA and the University unfailingly in a respectful and courteous manner, willing to go an extra mile to assist someone who has interest in some aspect of the University
  • being an excellent steward of resources entrusted to them to further the goals and mission of the local club
  • willing to answer the call to assist the GAA or the University should an opportunity arise in their local area

Current Corps Members

April 2018 Inductee

Meg Petersen Marshall ’07, Portland Carolina Club

June 2017 Inductees

Scott Stanford Ambassador Corps
Colin Scott ’05 and Taylor Stanford ’07, Chicago Carolina Club

April 2016 Inductees

Darryl Lewis Ambassador Corps
Darryl Keith ’77 and Lewis Collier ’83, Rhode Island Carolina Club

Aime Ambassador corps
Aime Goldberg Macdonald ’98, Boston Carolina Club

BJ Price ’95, Orlando Carolina Club

Pete Sommerfeld
Pete Sommerfeld ’72, Portland Carolina Club

Brian Zito Ambassador Corps
Brian Zito ’02, Charlotte Carolina Club

October 2013 Inductees

Rebecca Halloran ’97, Chicago and Richmond Carolina Clubs

Susan Moore ’94, Jacksonville and Charlotte Carolina Clubs

Ellen Eason ’79, San Francisco Carolina Club

John Haber ’70, New York Carolina Club

October 2012 Inductees (Inaugural Class)

Tom Conlon ’84, Minneapolis/St. Paul

Earlene Gentry ’71, Cairo Carolina Club

Tony Kearney ’87, Atlanta Carolina Club

Eric Sipe ’76, Foothills Carolina Club

Bill Warren ’99, Charlotte and Cincinnati Carolina Clubs

Point of Contact

Phone (919) 962-1208 or email