Downtown Chapel Hill: Then, Now and Always

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Jean Service '85
Coordinator of Outreach and Special Events
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Jean joined the Carolina Alumni staff in May 2019. She loves connecting people and planning opportunities for Tar Heels to return to Chapel Hill. Jean enjoys spending time with family and friends at the lake, taking walks with her dogs and gardening.

Price: $5 per talk, 100 percent of this price supports Experience Downtown Chapel Hill

We had a blast talking with the folks behind your favorite downtown establishments and we remembering what our favorite college town was like during our times at Carolina, and you can still view the series now. Click on the “Catch Up On The Series” link to view our six-part series, Downtown Chapel Hill: Then, Now and Always. Each virtual talk was led by a Chapel Hill business owner with deep historical knowledge and included a few other personalities behind your favorite spots. This series includes: Shops With Missy Julian-Fox ’73, Bars With Scott Maitland ’95 (JD)Arts and Entertainment With Stephen Judge and Kevin “Kaze” Thomas ’12, Black History and Black Businesses with Kaze and Delores Bailey, Quick Bites and Coffee Shops with Don Pinney, and Restaurants with Bill Smith.

And don’t miss the finale to the series on June 8th where we will show you an in-person way to see what was and what is that makes our main stretch such an important part of the University’s identity, the student experience and the community’s culture. While this event will be virtual, we will be showing you how you can come back individually to Chapel Hill to see this history.

Learn more on each talk, and sign up below.

Catch Up on the Series

Did you miss one of our previous virtual talks in this series like shops or bars? You can sign up and donate $5 (all proceeds donated to the Experience Downtown Chapel Hill initiative) to receive the link to the recording.

Sign up for the shops recording.

Sign up for the bars recording.

Sign up for the arts and music recording.

Sign up for the quick bites and coffee shops recording.

Sign up for the Black-owned businesses recording.

Sign up for the Restaurants recording.

We know getting back to Chapel Hill to relive memories and make new ones has been hard this year. As we relive and make new memories in this virtual series, we also hope you’ll support these businesses. The sign-up fees (100 percent!) for this series will support Experience Downtown Chapel Hill, an initiative aimed to support businesses affected by COVID-19, as well as encourage customers to safely return downtown. We invite #UNCAlumni to come back to the idyllic Chapel Hill we all love by supporting these business now. We look forward to having a lot of virtual fun in Chapel Hill until we can physically make it back “home.”

Bars and Restaurants

Name Phone
411 West Call 
(919) 967-2782
AC Lounge Call 
(919) 969-2800
Al’s Burger Shack Call 
(919) 904-7659
Bandido’s Call 
(919) 967-5048
Baxter Arcade Call 
(919) 869-7486
Beer Study Call 
(919) 240-5423
Ben & Jerry’s Call 
(919) 967-9068
Benny Capella’s Call 
(919) 240-5286
Big Belly Que Call 
(202) 956-9139
Blue Dog Bar Call 
(919) 717-0404
Blue Dogwood Call 
(919) 717-0404
Blue Horn Lounge Call 
(919) 929-1511
Blue’s on Franklin Call 
(919) 240-5060
Bon Chon Call 
(984) 234-0788
Boro Beverage Call 
(919) 537-8001
Brandwein’s Bagels Call 
(914) 874-3347
Buns Call 
(919) 240-4746
Carolina Brewery Call 
(919) 942-1800
Carolina Coffee Shop Call 
(919) 942-6875
Cha House Call 
(984) 999-4580
Chimney Indian Kitchen Call 
(984) 234-3671
Chipotle Call 
(919) 942-2091
Cholanad Restaurant Call 
+1 (800) 246-5262
Cold Stone Call 
(919) 914-6193
Cosmic Cantina Call 
(919) 960-3955
Crook’s Corner Call 
(919) 929-7643
Crossroads Restaurant at The Carolina Inn Call 
(919) 918-2777
Curry Point Express Call 
(919) 903-9000
Dead Mule Club (serving Big Sam’s BBQ) Call 
(919) 969-7659
Downtime Nightclub & Pizza Bar Call 
(919) 240-7008
Elaine’s on Franklin Call 
(919) 960-2770
Epilogue Call 
(919) 913-5055
Four Corners Call 
(919) 537-8230
Gizmo Brew Works Call 
(919) 636-4410
Goodfellow’s Call 
(919) 960-8685
Goodness Cooks (in Blue Dogwood Public Market)
Grk Yeero Call 
(919) 240-7622
He’s Not Here Call 
(919) 942-7939
Heavenly Buffaloes Call 
(919) 914-6717
Hibachi & Company Call 
(919) 903-8428
I ♥ NY Pizza Call 
(919) 968-4224
Imbibe Call 
(919) 636-6469
Insomnia Cookies Call 
(919) 336-0637
Italian Pizzeria III Call 
(919) 968-4671
Jimmy John’s Call 
(919) 968-7827
Kurama Call 
(919) 968-4747
La Residence Call 
(919) 967-2506
Lantern Call 
(919) 969-8846
Lime & Basil Call 
(919) 967-5055
Linda’s Bar & Grill Call 
(919) 933-6663
Local 506 Call 
(919) 942-5506
Mama Dips Call 
(919) 942-5837
McDonald’s Call 
(919) 967-5788
Mediterranean Deli Call 
(919) 967-2666
Might as Well Call 
(984) 234-3333
Mint Call 
(919) 929-6188
NightLight Bar & Club Call 
(919) 960-6101
Northside District Call 
(919) 391-7044
Orange County Food Collective Call 
(919) 391-0322
Panera Bread Company Call 
(919) 929-9189
Pantana Bob’s Call 
(919) 942-7575
Pho Happiness Call 
(919) 942-8201
Que Chula Call 
(919) 903-8000
Rumi Persian Cafe Call 
(919) 768-2424
Shanghai Dumpling Call 
(919) 914-6737
Spicy 9 Sushi Call 
(919) 903-9335
Starbucks Call 
(919) 932-3824
Summit Coffee Chapel Hill
Sup Dogs Call 
(919) 903-9566
Sutton’s Drug Store Call 
(919) 942-5161
Talulla’s Call 
(919) 933-1177
The Crunkleton Call 
(919) 969-1125
The Pizza Press Call 
(984) 234-0081
The Purple Bowl Call 
(919) 903-8511
Time-Out Call 
(919) 929-2425
Top of the Hill/Back Bar Call 
(919) 929-8676
TOPO Distillery Call 
(919) 679-9120
Trolly Stop Hotdogs Call 
(919) 240-4206
TRU Deli + Wine Call 
(919) 240-7755
Vegan Flava Cafe Call 
(919) 960-1832
Vimala’s Call 
(919) 929-3833
Waffle House Call 
(919) 960-6770
Yaya Tea Call 
(919) 914-6302
Ye Olde Waffle Shop Call 
(919) 929-9192
Yogurt Pump Call 
(919) 942-7867
Zog’s Pool Hall Call 
(919) 240-5598