Kevin M. Guskiewicz (interim, 2019) (December 2019—present)

“There are many principles that could guide our work as the leading global public research university. … While we are formally known as The University of North Carolina … we might better be known as The University for North Carolina.”

Kevin Guskiewicz Installed as 12th Chancellor
As part of a two-day University Day observance, Kevin Guskiewicz took the public oath that officially installed him as 12th chancellor of the University, the job he already had been doing for nearly 20 months, first on an interim basis, then as the permanent choice of the UNC System Board of Governors. Since he arrived in Chapel Hill as a faculty member in 1995, Guskiewicz had progressed to department chair, center director, senior associate dean and then dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

The Making of a Roadmap
Racial reconciliation was an ambitious first priority. Soon, Kevin Guskiewicz had to confront how to adapt to a pandemic.

Kevin Guskiewicz Named UNC’s 12th Chancellor
Kevin M. Guskiewicz, a neuroscientist and a household name in the relatively new scientific study of athletics-related brain injuries, is the University’s 12th chancellor.

Guskiewicz Commits $5 Million to History Project
“I’m announcing a long-term, significant investment to create stronger community here at Carolina,” Kevin Guskiewicz told an audience at a reception on Dec. 13 following the UNC System Board of Governors’ approval of his selection as chancellor. The fund, he said, “will include academic initiatives to strengthen our research and teaching, help us to study our past and learn from that past, build from that past and move forward together as a community.”

Arts and Sciences Dean Named Interim Chancellor
“It is an honor to be asked to lead the nation’s first public university into the next chapter of its storied history. When I became dean, I pledged to be ‘strategic, bold and student-focused,’ and those imperatives will continue to guide me in this role.”

Guskiewicz to Be Dean of College of Arts and Sciences
“An extremely accomplished teacher and researcher renowned for his expertise in injury prevention, Kevin represents the very best of Carolina,” Chancellor Carol L. Folt said.

An Impact on the Game
Get out on that field and hit somebody? Fine, Kevin Guskiewicz says. Let’s just look for ways to do it more safely.
(Cover story, September/October 2013 Carolina Alumni Review)

Concussion Researcher Named MacArthur Fellow
The MacArthur Foundation recognized Guskiewicz for his research advancing the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of sports-related brain injuries to improve the safety of athletes of all ages.