Summertime, and the Eatin' is Easy

Feast your eyes on the menu for the Review’s fourth annual food issue.


Tall Order

David Rosenberg ’94  stacks produce company’s future – and the planet’s – on urban farming.

by Andrew Faught

Journalist First, Foodie Second

Maile Carpenter ’95 has brought the numbers to Food Network magazine.

by Janine Latus

Well-Schooled, Al Came Back to What He Loves

“I do whatever the restaurant needs me to do,” says Al Bowers ’88.

by Matt Dees ’01

Fast is for Running, Not Eating

Former Carolina runners Elise Kopecky  ’04 and Shalane Flanagan ’05 team up for a cookbook.

by Jay Anthony ’71


Permanently Enabled

According to Valee Taylor ’79, good food produces more than just healthy bodies.

by Matt Dees ’01

Comfort in Food

Elinor Allcott Griffith ’71 recalls her family’s kitchen aromas as therapy.

by Amber Nimocks ’94

In and Out of the Box

Kori Crosson ’09 invites families to #rollwithus at vegan DIY snack service.

by Matthew Karkutt ’11

From the Ground Up

Tortilla maker has a valuable partner in Carolina’s Ben Holmes ’17 (MBA).

by Alyssa LaFaro for Endeavors

Sopping Up the South

Gravy editor Sara Camp Arnold Milam ’12 (MA) focuses on food to tell the region’s stories.

by Jill Warren Lucas

A Tale of Two Hams

Emily Wallace ’10 (MA) uses rivalry to illustrate her exploration of culture through food.

by Jill Warren Lucas

British History, American Studies

Malt producer James Fawcett ’88 taps into U.S. boom in craft brewing.

by Andrea Weigl

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