05.23.19 | Overheard

“Carolina is always beautiful and beckons people to stay forever.”

Alex Kormann '19

05.14.19 | Overheard

“We’re no longer looking at building out this campus solely by ourselves or with state money. So we’re really looking at targeted areas on campus where we will bring in partners — where it will be an interface between the campus and the public.”

Anna Wu, associate vice chancellor who oversees planning and building

05.07.19 | Overheard

“The worst thing that can happen is you’ll be told no.”

Katie Ziglar ’79, director of the Ackland Art Museum

04.16.19 | Overheard

“Don’t underestimate the impact of love, hope and kindness. Every person, whether in a developing nation or in America, Muslim or Christian, has basic needs. We are all trying to do this thing called life. It is so much better doing it together. Friendship and community does not mean you have to be the same.”

Sarah Johnson ’10

03.19.19 | Overheard

“I’m very passionate. I’m very blunt. I have a strong sense of right versus wrong, and I’m for the underdog. I want to show that school segregation is not an accident — that people are intentionally making it so.”

Nikole Hannah-Jones ’03 (MA) 

02.26.19 | Overheard

“I believe in public service as a noble calling … and I think what it means to be dedicated to public service, among other things it means that when you’re asked to do something, unless you have a compelling reason not to do it, you pretty well ought to do it. That’s the mindset that I’ve carried through on this one.”

Dr. William Roper

02.05.19 | Overheard

“It’s no longer me as an individual advocating. When I speak, I speak with the full force of a community that is ready to stand up for the issues that matter to us.” 

Jessica Holmes ’06

01.29.19 | Overheard

“I feel my paintings have a secret language born out of science and my obsessiveness with why and how we are here.”

Laurel Holloman ’90

01.22.19 | Overheard

“A successful day in the archives is when you don’t want to go to lunch. Because everything you’re seeing — the letters that you’re looking at, the conversations that you’re getting to eavesdrop on — everything is so intriguing.”

Michelle Robinson, associate professor of American studies

01.15.19 | Overheard

“We’re only here by fluke, and only for a little while, so why not run with life as far and wide as you can?”

Kate Harris ’05