05.27.22 | Overheard

We started to realize we couldn’t manage all of this. These images had stories we’d never heard about our town, and they needed to be saved.”

– Berkley Hudson '03 (PhD), "From the Sublime to the Horrific"

11.12.21 | Overheard

“Historians typically use images only as illustrations of the past, as mirrors of what happened. … They tend not to think of images of having this active role to play in the past in shaping public attitudes and really being part of history.”

Finis Dunaway '93, "The Little Slide Show That Could"

07.06.21 | Overheard

“This is not my fight. … It’s not my job to heal The University of North Carolina. That’s the job of the people in power who created the situation.”

Nikole Hannah-Jones ’03 (MA)

05.07.21 | Overheard

“I think all of our teachers have done a tremendous job navigating this new virtual learning and teaching environment, but it’s not the same as being in the classroom. I think we have a long ways to go in assessing the impact of the year gone by.”


Cathy Moore ’97 (MSA), superintendent, Wake County Public School System

03.16.21 | Overheard

“My grandmother always drilled into me that women need to be strong, and the way she thought of being strong is education. You’ve got to have an education. You’ve got to have your own job. You’ve got to stand on your own feet.”

– Zeynep Tufekci, “Prescient Moments

03.02.21 | Overheard

“A historic social uprising for racial justice was taking place. As an academic, I felt that my university also needed to be part of the reckoning.”

Kia Caldwell, "The Fierce Urgency of Now"

02.01.21 | Overheard

“I really enjoy this place where the science meets the rest of the world. Science itself is beautiful, but when you can take that beautiful science that inspires awe and have it become part of the world at large, it makes a gigantic difference in many, many more people’s lives.” 

Sudip Parikh ’95, "The Scientist's Scientist"

01.14.21 | Overheard

“When you’re depressed, your world operates in shades of gray, and you believe that you’re the reason for it.”

Jake Lawler ’20, "Shades of Gray"

09.15.20 | Overheard

“I am Christian. I’m Black. I am Southern, I’m an empath. I’m feisty, sassy and fashionable. That’s kind of how I describe myself. I would say that my role as a scientist is really about my passion and purpose for the world and for giving back to the world.”

Kizzmekia Corbett ’14 

07.23.20 | Overheard

“I remember looking up at the walls and being really overwhelmed by the magnitude of the portraits but also looking for myself and not really finding it.”

Elijah Heyward ’18