01.15.19 | Overheard

“We’re only here by fluke, and only for a little while, so why not run with life as far and wide as you can?”

Kate Harris ’05

01.08.19 | Overheard

“It was just time to do something else. Not many restaurants have that kind of longevity, and I felt like we’d done what we meant to do.”

Keith Allen on closing Allen & Son Barbeque after 48 years

12.18.18 | Overheard

“I’m a big believer that laughter is the most powerful gift we have in this life. Absolutely.”

Rev. Susan Sparks ’84

11.20.18 | Overheard

“For me, and I think I can speak for everyone, it’s definitely a dream come true.”

Ashley Hoffman, senior field hockey player and championship MVP

11.08.18 | Overheard

“I would have you believe that whatever end I met, I met it with an even mind, constant in the conclusion that I would rather have gone out to this war and not come back than not to have gone at all. My chief regret, if I may not live to see the end, is that I may not witness the triumph of right over wrong in this the most terrible eruption of the forces of reaction in the history of man. That these forces can triumph is unthinkable; if they are to win, I would rather die now than witness the victory.”

– Quincy Sharpe Mills (class of 1907)

11.02.18 | Overheard

“All of this music [from blind French composer Gabriel Gauthier] was being neglected. It was valuable, and it’s something I felt the public should see. I wanted it available for everyone — and I’m very stubborn.”

Harvey Miller ’58 (’61 MA)

10.09.18 | Overheard

“Haiti reminds me why I went into medicine in the first place. I get to practice medicine in a way that’s free of arguing with consultants and fighting insurance bureaucracies, and it’s made me a better doctor back home. I don’t necessarily rely on a lot of tests or support. I know I can just rely on my diagnostic skills.” 

Dr. Benny Joyner ’93

09.25.18 | Overheard

“The question became, how do we die with purpose, just like we want to live with purpose?”

Jeff Mittelstadt ’07 (MBA)

09.18.18 | Overheard

“There are some monuments that have local significance, but they aren’t aesthetically unique. But this is a unique monument. It has some historical significance and a certain aesthetic uniqueness.” And “it’s got layers and layers of historical meaning now.”

Fitzhugh Brundage

08.08.18 | Overheard

“The trail will provide. It’s sort of like life. Your experiences on the trail are a metaphor for life.”

Jerry Parker ’73