12.02.19 | Overheard

“Look, this is really Art History 101. There are two women, and one takes up almost as much space as the other. What does that mean?”


Denise Murrell ’76

10.23.19 | Overheard

“He exasperated me. He embarrassed me. He wasn’t always socially correct. But whether he was fighting for compassionate care of people with HIV or bringing a groundbreaking clinical research study to one of the poorest countries in Africa or fighting for Medicaid expansion, he roared from the heart, and that heart had a moral compass that was true and unwavering.”

Cheryl Marcus ’81 remembering her friend Dr. Charles van der Horst  

10.15.19 | Overheard

“I have to be so strong in myself, because otherwise I would just get swept up in that tsunami and lose sight of my own passions and joys.”

Sanni McCandless ’14

10.02.19 | Overheard

“Falling, whether injurious or not, is one of the central themes of an active life. Plus, it’s hilarious.”

Mark Hemphill ’10

09.24.19 | Overheard

“I wanted to go into art, but my daddy wouldn’t let me. Now that there’s no one to tell me what to do, I’m creating.”

Watson Brown ’74 (MA)

09.17.19 | Overheard

“Looking back on it, I had no idea how bad off we really were. Our recruiting message was very positive and upbeat. It was all about selling hope.”

Mack Brown

09.10.19 | Overheard

“I believe that by adopting these core values, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s journalism school can be the leader and serve as an example for other journalism schools in America to follow. … We need to renew the values, standards and practices that have stood the test of time.”

Walter Hussman Jr. '68

08.23.19 | Overheard

“When you talked to these young men, they would tell you they expected to be locked up by their 20s. When I said we’re going to help them flip their prison, they thought that was an absolutely corny idea.”

Noran Sanford ’91

08.13.19 | Overheard

“College is an age where students have these big dreams. The college experience is such a rich place where that search is happening. I want them to be able to figure out who they really are.”

Jane Fruehwirth, UNC economist

08.06.19 | Overheard

“One of the big challenges of working in planetary protection at NASA is trying to keep Hollywood from getting in your head and being something that tempts you to be distracted from the current state of scientific knowledge.”

Lisa Pratt ’72