08.13.19 | Overheard

“College is an age where students have these big dreams. The college experience is such a rich place where that search is happening. I want them to be able to figure out who they really are.”

Jane Fruehwirth, UNC economist

08.06.19 | Overheard

“One of the big challenges of working in planetary protection at NASA is trying to keep Hollywood from getting in your head and being something that tempts you to be distracted from the current state of scientific knowledge.”

Lisa Pratt ’72

07.30.19 | Overheard

“As the son of a classics professor, I think we all need to be very careful of that idea of hubris. The idea of putting ourselves on par with the gods.”

Jonathan Reckford ’84

07.23.19 | Overheard

“When people ask me what I want students to get out of the course, my answer is perseverance. That’s it. That’s the lasting material that really matters.”

Glenn Walters ’05 (PhD)

07.16.19 | Overheard

“Failures should not be discouraging — the times I fail are the times I get to learn the most.”

Jeff Powell '15

06.11.19 | Overheard

“Now the government is funding programs to use hip-hop to forge connections in the world. That’s the nature of art, always evolving.”

Kane Smego ’10

06.04.19 | Overheard

“I am very opposed to conflict, and ultimate [Frisbee] meshes well with how I was raised in terms of getting along with other people, communicating, solving problems verbally and thinking critically about how we engage with one another.”

Matt Gouchoe-Hanas '19

05.23.19 | Overheard

“Carolina is always beautiful and beckons people to stay forever.”

Alex Kormann '19

05.14.19 | Overheard

“We’re no longer looking at building out this campus solely by ourselves or with state money. So we’re really looking at targeted areas on campus where we will bring in partners — where it will be an interface between the campus and the public.”

Anna Wu, associate vice chancellor who oversees planning and building

05.07.19 | Overheard

“The worst thing that can happen is you’ll be told no.”

Katie Ziglar ’79, director of the Ackland Art Museum