Hark the Sounds

Episode 4: Step Into Those Shoes

Mike Wiley ’04 has been performing for school and regional theater audiences for almost two decades as a solo artist, and he often plays more than two dozen characters during a performance. “You almost feel like you have multiple personality disorder,” he says. Read more about Mike Wiley.

Episode 3: Small Stature, Big Life

Martha Gunter Caldwell ’39 was on the small side from the beginning and topped out at 4-foot-10, but she has lived a big — and long — life. Caldwell, who turned 100 in April, graduated from UNC at a time when few women attended college.

“I still love Chapel Hill — I still love it. And every time somebody goes, I say, ‘Blow a kiss to the Old Well for me,’ ” Caldwell says. “Yes, I’m a Tar Heel. Hark the sound!”

Read more about Martha Caldwell.

Episode 2: Oral Histories

Jim White ’71 tells the story of the Jim White Oral History collection at UNC, and how he and his high school students became oral historians. The full story, “Nobody Asked Me That Before,” and some veterans’ stories from the collection are in the November/December 2017 Carolina Alumni Review.

Episode 1: History of The University of North Carolina, Part II (1835-61)

Freddie Kiger ’74, teacher of the GAA’s overwhelmingly popular N.C. History Series, gives us a preview of his class “History of The University of North Carolina, Part II (1835-61),” marking the rise of UNC — a “golden age,” if you will — before the destructive whirlwind of secession and the Civil War.