Light on the Hill Society Scholarship

Generosity. The Carolina Way.

Another BIG goal, for an even BIGGER reason.

Thanks to all who helped us #ShareTheLightOnTheHill by raising more than $47,000 in a single day during this year’s 24-Hour Challenge on Sept. 25. We had a BIG goal for a BIG reason – to help deserving African-American students achieve their dream of graduating from Carolina. Missed the challenge?  Make your gift today.

Who answered the challenge?

The following alumni, current students and friends answered the challenge!

Drew Acquaye ’22, Peppers Scholar
Earlinda Meekins Adams ’75
Jack Ahern
Carol Brown Alan ’93
Jamee Alston ’91
Jennifer D. Alston, DDS
Larry Alston ’78
Sharon Lawrence ’83
Alma Arrington ’88
Elbert Avery ’82
Katrina Avery ’82
Ajalyn Dunn Baker ‘07
Maurice Barnes ’95
Stephanie Beard ’90
Lisa Beers
Janine “Cookie” Bell ’76
Nicole Heckstall Bennett ‘92
Dr. Katrina Y. Billingsley ’96
Calvin Blanton ’76
Mary and Jonathan Branch
Barry Brinkley ’01
Linda Brown Douglas ’82
Margaret A. Brunson ’02, Ph.D.
Andrea Owens-Byrd and Rodney Byrd
Syvil ’79 and Clarence Burke ’78
Kennedy Byrd ’22, LOTH Scholar
Crystal Calloway ’06
April P. Carson ’01, ’06
Dianne Cherry ’76, ’85 (Ph.D.)
Cheryl Chin ’98
Pam Chisholm ’73
Kevin ’99 and Udanda Clark ’99, ’00 (MAC)
Melanie Farrow Cogdell
Kionna Coleman ’99
Dawn Cooper ’92
Liz Corgnati ’96
Kerrenda Crandol ’00
John Daniels
Donnell Davis ’76
Herb Davis ’73
Victoria Davis ’95
W. Ashley Davis ’72
Alonna Dawes ’09
Debbie and Doug Dibbert ’70
Cenita Dobson ’02
Edward ’92 and Rhonda Dolby ’99
Lorna Dove
Jacqueline M. Dudley ’92 (JD)
Patrena Benton Elliott ’95, Life Member
Walter “Gene” Egerton ’76, ’80 (MD)
Phyllis A. Fair
Walter ’82 and Desdemona Faison ’83
Tamberly Ferguson ’03
Tawana D. Feimster ’95
Lynda G. Finley ’75
KiKi Fox
The Honorable Henry Frye ’59
Lynne Fuller-Andrews ’88
Lisa Gillespie ’88
Linda Moore Givens,MD ’81,’85 (MD), ’11 (MPH)
Dr. Lee Gray
Larry Griffin ’85
Jennifer ’09 and Shawn Guy ’08
Kern Hairston ’87
Felicia Horton Hankins ’86
Danielle Mearis Harrell ’12
Angie Harris-Ramseur ’96
Lori Ann Harris ’84
C. Hawkins ’00, Founding Member
Kwanna Williamson Hayes ’87, ’04
Marlon Headen ’95
Alyce Hegedus ’76
Stacie Hewett ’89
Joseph ’76 and Kathleen High ’78
Patrice High ’03
Fred Holding ’00
Kraig ’88 and Marissa Holt ’88
Eddie Hoover ’65
Raquel Hudson ’92
Meghan Hunt ’11
Andrea Ireland ’07
Mae Israel ’75
Adam ’06 and Kat Jackson ’07
Candice Love Jackson ’99 (MA), ’04 (Ph.D.)
Walter Jackson ’67
Leah Pegues Johnson ’00
Erika Johnson-Brooks
Kamala Uzzell Jones ’96
Randall Dean Jones ’82
Rita Joyner ’09 (Ph.D.)
Jenna Keith ’14
Jerri Kallam ’00
Liz Kelly ’84
Susan McKay Kirkland ’88
W.H. Joe Knight ’76
Kendra Lawrence ’01, M.Ed
William Lawrence ’74
Simone Lawson ’05
DJ Lester ’14
Natasha Lewis ’06
Yumekco Little ’98
Malcolm Logan ’96
Malinda Love ’04
Kamaara Lucas ’16
Elizabeth Luck
Cherrel Manley ’18, Peppers Alumna
Bryan Martin ’10
Brad Matthews ’01
Phillip McAlpin ’75
Wanda McArn ’85
Tanisha McClendon ’94
Janora McDuffie-Ryan ’99
Jennell McIntosh ’15, LOTH Alumna
Robert McIver ’96
Jeremy Mckellar ’16
Charmaine McKissick-Melton ’77
Stephanie Miller ’83
Michelle Mitchell
Jocelyn Mitnaul Mallette
Torshira Moffett ’04
Roberta Moody
Erika Myers
Elise Newsome ’10
Catherine Nichols ’89
Pam Alston Oliver, ’96
Krystal Owens ’11
Kirk and Crystal Parker
Sandra Guthrie Parker ’94
Douglass Payne ’04
Lamonica ’95 and Anthony Peay ’93
Ni-Eric ’04 and Ijeoma Perkins ’04
Sam Perkins ’84
Tanea Pettis ’95
Forsythia Powell ’79
Darcy ’07 and Daniel Millard ’08
Eric M. Rivera, ’81, ’85, 89
Janet Roach ’88
Christian Roberson ’06
William Rubin ’92
Natalie Sanders, ’03
Andrea Saye ’08
Laura Sheppard ’08
Veatte Sifford ’75
Bernetta Braswell Smith ’85
Gail Smith
Janet H. Southerland ’82, ’84 (BSDH), ’89 (DDS), ’94 (MPH), ’95 (Ph.D.)
Cornita C. Spears
Ellis M. Stanley Sr. ’73
Stuart ’93 and Heidi Starnes ’93
Eboni M. Staton ’01, Life Member
David R. Squires ’80, ’82 (MA)
Kim Sutton ’96
Charmion Wilkins Todd ’01
Ajashu Thomas
Montez Thomas ’03
Diana Thompson ’80
Donnell ’81 and Deborah Thompson
Katie Thore ’15
Kimberly Truesdale ’97 (MSPH)
Shafonya Turner ’05
Sherry Wallace ’82
Anita Walton ’92
Ayanna Webster ’21, LOTH Scholar
James A. Wellons ’86, Esq.
Deborah Wilder ’75
Annice Williams ’93
Harold Woodard, ’78, ’81
Kristen Smith Young ’02
Nicholl Lewis Young ’03
Michael Zollicoffer ’85 (MD)

About LOTH

The Light on the Hill Society Scholarship effort began during the 2005 Black Alumni Reunion. Organizers challenged alumni to initially contribute $1,952 each – representing the 1952 class year of Harvey Beech, Carolina’s first African-American graduate – to become founding members of the scholarship fund.

Since 2005, Carolina alumni and friends have annually made tax-deductible gifts to the fund, ranging from a few dollars to several thousand, the largest being a $350,000 gift from NFL star Julius Peppers ’02.

This initiative serves as a tribute to Carolina’s early African-American graduates of the 1950s and 1960s who integrated the University by providing scholarships to current first-year African-American students. These talented scholars demonstrate academic excellence, outstanding leadership abilities, community service dedication and have great potential to become involved and informed alumni. The scholarship is administered by the Light on the Hill Society Board of Directors and supported by the UNC General Alumni Association.

To date, the program has awarded 75 scholarships: 59 Light on the Hill Society Scholars and 16 Julius Peppers scholars.

How to Apply

Application Deadline March 3, 2019, 11:59 p.m. (EST)

Please read the information below before submitting your application online.

Applicants will be evaluated and selected by a selection committee based on their academic achievement, evidence of community service, leadership qualities and the strength of their essays.  The following scholarships will be awarded for fall 2019:

  • Two (2) $2,000 LOTH Julius Peppers scholarships (renewable up to three years)
  • Eight (8) one-time $2,500 LOTH scholarships

Points to Remember

  • The application deadline is 11:59 p.m. (EST) on Sunday, March 9, 2019.
  • Applicants will be considered for both the Light on the Hill Society and Peppers scholarship (no need to apply for both).
  • Be sure to submit the online portion of the application all at one time (do not submit multiple entries).

Application Components

The following will be required:

  • Your resume
  • Three (3) essays
  • One (1) letter of recommendation (can be mailed or emailed).
  • Transcript (should be mailed, but can be emailed if sent by the school counselor).

Essays Questions

  1. What does success look like to you and how will you achieve it (400 word limit)?
  2. You have been invited to speak to a group of Carolina alumni and community leaders who are considering making a donation to the Light on the Hill Society Scholarship fund. Write your speech (word limit 400).
  3. Describe yourself as fully and accurately as possible in a Tweet (character limit 140).

Contact Information

  • Email:
  • Phone: (919) 843-9694
  • Mail: Attn: Tanea Pettis, GAA/LOTH, PO Box 660, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
  • Overnight: Attn: Tanea Pettis, GAA/Alumni Center, 106 Stadium Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Application Process Opens Nov. 1

Tanea Pettis '95
Manager of Affinity Activities Affinity/Special Interest Activities, Light on the Hill Society Scholarship
read my bio

Tanea has been a member of the GAA staff since 1998.  She currently serves as manager of affinity activities, overseeing affinity/special interest reunions, athletics, Homecoming, the Light on the Hill Society scholarship, local outreach and young alumni programming.  She’s a dedicated member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., carries her NOOK with her wherever she goes and has a large collection of Coca-Cola bottles from across the world in her office.