Advisory Board

Servant Leaders

The advisory board is responsible for guiding the growth and facilitation of scholarship initiatives. This includes setting goals, financial overview,

fundraising, scholarship selection, engagement activities and dispersal of awards. These functions are currently executed via the work of 7 subcommittees: executive, fundraising, investment and finance, nominating, scholar selection, social media and strategic planning.

Our current advisory board chair, Janet H. Southerland ’82 (’84 BSDH, ’89 DDS, ’94 MPH, ’05 PhD), serves as the vice chancellor of academic affairs and chief academic officer at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans. A tenured professor in the School of Dentistry, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, she has proven success in aligning academic programs to best prepare the next generation of health professionals while promoting a culture of innovation, diversity, equity, inclusion and excellence (view bio).

Vice Chair

Walter E. Egerton ’76 (’80 MD), Nominating Chair


Jennell S. McIntosh ’15 (’18 DPT), Social Media Coordinator

Chair Emeritus

Richard "Stick" Williams ’75, Investment and Finance Chair

Board Member

Elbert L. Avery ’82

Board Member

Brian O. Beverly ’90

Selection Committee Chair

Bernadine A. Cobb ’84

Board Member

Eric Davis ’93

Fundraising Chair

Chanda J.Douglas-Ward ’90

Strategic Planning Chair

Robyn S. Hadley ’85

Board Member

Joseph C. High ’76

Board Member

Roger A. McDougal ’89

Board Member

Lisa G. Morgan ’83