Scholar Profile – Kennedy L. Byrd ’22

2018 Light on the Hill Society Scholar
Kennedy L. Byrd ’22
Cary, N.C.

Submerged in beams of lights that obscured my vision as I stood solitarily. Every inch of my body was completely tense. It was eerily quiet.

Until the silence shattered and every muscle released. The music commenced and for a few minutes of my life I was in pure bliss. This is when I realized the stage was my arcadia. Dance has become my voice when necessary. Over the years of training, I have realized that there is so much to say with the simplicity of movement and complexity of ideas.

I have been given the opportunity to work with professional choreographers and Emmy Award nominees and winners. Being able to address the political climate, depict multiplex relationships and show pure bliss. I underestimated my power as an entertainer until saying nothing moved people in ways that my speech did. This transpired to my daily actions and awareness to how I impacted others. This is me.