Scholar Profile – Nicolas P.A. Jean-Gilles ’22

2018 Light on the Hill Society Scholar
Nicolas J.A. Jean-Gilles ’22
Columbia, S.C.

Since youth, I have always had an affinity for numbers. I started counting before I could read and before I had a real concept for what numbers truly even were. This affinity only bolstered with age. I quickly took a likening to all things math and would often times do or study math just for fun. Due to this, I knew that I wanted to study a topic in college that had to do with the application of numbers in real life scenarios, hence economics. The summer before my senior year of high school, while looking at colleges with strong business programs, UNC kept popping up.

I finally decided to tour UNC with my mother, and I fell in love. Everything about the school, beyond its academics, was perfect for me. I wanted to be at a place where the sense of community was strong, but at UNC I truly saw that everyone bleeds Carolina blue. I too know that I have Carolina blue coursing through my veins now. I am so very excited to attend this school and cannot wait for what is in store for me.