Black Alumni Reunion Awards

The Harvey E. Beech Outstanding Alumni Award recognizes outstanding Black alumni who have been stellar leaders within the University community and/or within their local community. This award has two (2) potential categories: Young Alumni (age 40 and under) and Overall Achievement (no class or age requirement).

The Harvey E. Beech Outstanding Senior Award recognizes an Black graduating senior who exemplifies a strong academic record, excellent leadership ability, positive community service/volunteer work and a demonstrated desire to strengthen the bond between current students and alumni.

The Hortense K. McClinton Outstanding Faculty Staff Award honors a faculty or staff member, past or present, who has made outstanding contributions to the Carolina community. This award was renamed in 2013 in honor of Hortense K. McClinton, Carolina’s first Black professor.

The James L. Lassiter, J. Kenneth Lee, Floyd B. McKissick Sr. and James R. Walker Trailblazer Award recognizes a Black alumnus who paved the way for African Americans during the first 20 years of integration at Carolina. The recipient of this award will be an alumnus from a class between 1952 and 1972. This award was renamed in 2017 in honor of James L. Lassiter, J. Kenneth Lee, Floyd B. McKissick Sr. and James R. Walker, Carolina’s earliest Black students who were trailblazers in the desegregation of the University. 

Dr. Travis J. Albritton ’03 (MSW), Outstanding Faculty Staff Award | Award Citation
Delton Atkinson ’74, Outstanding Alumni Award | Award Citation
Dr. Valerie A. Batts ’74, Outstanding Alumni Award | Award Citation
Jesse L. Grissom ’79, Outstanding Alumni Award | Award Citation
Janora A. McDuffie ’99, Outstanding Alumni Award | Award Citation

Dr. Cureton L. Johnson ’71, Trailblazer Award | Award Citation
Khalilah Robinson Johnson ’16 (PhD), Faculty Staff Award | Award Citation
Rev. Willie H. Mebane Jr. ’75, Outstanding Alumni Award | Award Citation
Logan D. Riggins ’23, Oustanding Senior Award
Dexter A. Robinson ’06, Outstanding Young Alumni Award | Award Citation
Melvin L. Williams ’85, Outstanding Alumni Award | Award Citation

T. Dianne Bellamy-Small ’74, Overall Achievement | Award Citation
Giselle Corbie MD, MSc, Faculty Staff Award | Award Citation
Antonio L. McBroom ’08, Young Alumni Award | Award Citation
Frankie J. Perry ’68, Trailblazer Award | Award Citation
Col. Michael J. Rogers ’86, US Army Ret., Overall Achievement | Award Citation

Not presented

Anita R. Brown-Graham ’91 (JD), Overall Achievement | Award Citation
Nimasheena N. Burns ’06, Young Alumni Award | Award Citation
Miriam E. Chisholm ’19, Outstanding Senior Award
William A. Keyes IV ’75, ’18 (PhD), Overall Achievement | Award Citation
Onegaa J. McGhee, Faculty Staff Award | Award Citation
Otto White Jr. ’65, Trailblazer Award | Award Citation

Katrina H. Avery ’82 (’91 MD) , Overall Achievement | Award Citation
Linda Brown Douglas ’82, Faculty Staff Award | Award Citation
Atrayus O. Goode ’07, Young Alumni Award | Award Citation
Walter A. Jackson ’67, Trailblazer Award | Award Citation
Sophia C. McFarlane ’19, Outstanding Senior Award
Samuel B. Perkins ’82, Overall Achievement | Award Citation

Andrea J. Barnes ’18, Outstanding Senior Award
William M. Chamberlain Sr. ’72, Trailblazer Award | Award Citation
Jennifer Y. Cyriaque ’98 (PhD), Faculty Staff Award | Award Citation
Cassandra D. Caldwell ’93, Overall Achievement | Award Citation
Kenneth Cox Jr. ’99, Young Alumni Award | Award Citation
Bill E. Lawson ’75, Overall Achievement | Award Citation

Sierra J. Atwater ’17, Outstanding Senior Award
Janine “Cookie” Bell ’76, Overall Achievement | Award Citation
Brian O. Beverly ’90, Overall Achievement | Award Citation
Joseph N. Cooper ’06, Young Alumni Award | Award Citation
Archie W. Ervin ’99 (PhD), Overall Achievement | Award Citation
Edith A. Hubbard ’66, Trailblazer Award | Award Citation
Boateng A. Kubi ’17, Outstanding Senior Award

Warren J. Carson ’74, Overall Achievement | Award Citation
Warachal E. Faison ’95 (MD), Overall Achievement | Award Citation
Gerald V. Holmes ’85 (MSLS), Overall Achievement | Award Citation
Iris Carlton-LaNey, Faculty Staff Award | Award Citation
Parker A. Martin ’16, Outstanding Senior Award
Seronda A. Robinson ’07 (PhD), Young Alumna | Award Citation

Joseph Brian Blake ’15, Outstanding Senior Award
Winston B. Crisp ’92 (JD), Faculty Staff Award | Award citation
Walter “Gene” Egerton ’76, Overall Achievement | Award citation
Samuel L. Fulwood III ’78, Overall Achievement | Award citation
Kraig J. Holt ’82, Overall Achievement | Award citation
Letanya A. Love ’98, Young Alumna | Award citation

Issack Boru ’14, Outstanding Senior Award
Benjamin Boykin II ’72, Overal Achievement | Award citation
Wade H. Chestnut III ’66, Trailblazer Award | Award citation
Lisa A. Gillespie ’88, Overall Achievement | Award citation
Donnie Hoover ’71, Trailblazer Award | Award citation
Deborah Stroman ’86 (MA), Faculty Staff Award | Award citation

Alexis M. Davis ’13, Outstanding Senior Award
James A. Garriss ’69, Trailblazer Award | Award citation
Robert M. Selden III ’94, Young Alumni | Award citation
Keith A. Sutton ’92, Overall Achievement | Award citation
Anita B. Walton ’92, Overall Achievement | Award citation
Kenneth A. Ward ’84, Overall Achievement | Award citation
Vergie A. Taylor, Faculty Staff Award | Award citation

Martina K. Ballen ’80 | Award citation
Eric D. Campbell Jr. ’12, Outstanding Senior Award
William W. Farmer ’77 | Award citation
Howard N. Lee ’66 (MSW) | Award citation
DeVetta Holman Nash ’79, Faculty Staff Award | Award citation
Barbara Pullen Smith ’81| Award citation

Christen B’anca Glenn ’11, Outstanding Senior Award
Terri C. Houston, Faculty Staff Award | Award citation
Rochelle Riley ’81 | Award citation
Alfred “Al” White ’76 | Award citation
Phail Wynn Jr. ’89 (MBA) | Award citation
Michael L. Zollicoffer ’85 (MD) | Award citation

Anthony W. Cummings ’84 | Award citation
Melissa E. Exum, PhD, Faculty Staff Award | Award citation
Harry L. Jones Sr. ’72 | Award citation
Michael D. Kennedy ’79 | Award citation
Krista D. Stepney ’10, Outstanding Senior Award
Charles “Chuck” Watts ’77 | Award citation

Lori Ann Harris ’84 | Award citation
Rickye McKoy-Mitchell ’81 | Award citation
Zollie J. Stevenson Jr. ’84 (PhD) | Award citation
James A. Wynn Jr. ’75 | Award citation
Valerie V. Ashby ’88, Faculty Staff Award | Award citation
Courtney A. Knowling ’09, Outstanding Senior Award

Maxine Brown-Davis ’74 | Award citation
Terrence V. Burroughs ’82 | Award citation
Herbert L. Davis ’73 (MS), Faculty Staff Award | Award citation
Ernest J. Goodson ’76 | Award citation
Shawn Guy ’08, Outstanding Senior Award
Eddie L. Hoover ’65 | Award citation

Elbert L. Avery ’82 | Award citation
Joretta Durant ’77 | Award citation
Randy K. Jones ’79 | Award citation
W.H. “Joe” Knight Jr. ’76 | Award citation
Reba A. Nunley ’07, Outstanding Senior Award
Hayden B. Renwick ’66 (MED), Faculty Staff Award | Award citation

Thurbert E. Baker ’75 | Award citation
Derwin Dubose ’06, Outstanding Senior Award
William H. Fuller ’86 | Award citation
James H. Johnson , Faculty Staff Award | Award citation
John L. Johnson ’74 | Award citation
Jon M. Regis ’73 | Award citation

Julius L. Chambers ’62 | Award citation
Charles Daye, Faculty Staff Award | Award citation
Karol V. Mason ’79 | Award citation
Andrea D. McAfee ’05, Outstanding Senior Award
Karen L. Parker ’65 | Award citation

Norledia S. Moody ’04, Outstanding Senior Award
Benjamin S. Ruffin ’76 (MSW) | Award citation
Janet H. Southerland ’82 | Award citation
L. Donnell Thompson ’81 | Award citation
Richard “Stick” Williams ’75 | Award citation
Harold Woodard ’78, Faculty Staff Award | Award citation

Bryan E. Beatty Sr. ’87 (JD) | Award citation
Archie W. Ervin ’99 (PhD), Faculty Staff Award | Award citation
Stephen B. Fortson ’83 | Award citation
Constance R. Jones ’03, Outstanding Senior Award
Joy E. Paige ’85 | Award citation
Stuart O. Scott ’87 | Award citation

Constance Battle ’77
Kelvin Harris ’82
Erica S. Lee ’02, Outstanding Senior Award
Chuck Stone, Faculty Staff Award
Patricia Timmons-Goodson ’76
Charles Waddell ’75

Barry Brinkley ’01, Outstanding Senior Award
Angela R. Bryant ’73
Rosalind Fuse-Hall ’80
Blyden and Roberta Jackson, Faculty Staff Award (posthumously awarded)
Michael Moseley ’74
Paula Newsome ’77

Niccole Cosby ’00, Outstanding Senior Award
Henry Frye ’59 (JD)

Tamara Bailey ’99, Outstanding Senior Award
Taunya Monroe ’96, Faculty Staff Award

Brian Holiday ’90

Valerie Kaalund, Faculty Staff Award

Johnnie Southerland ’81
Reginald F. Hildebrand, Faculty Staff Award

Not presented

William Thomas Small Jr. ’69 (MSPH)

Not presented

George Royster Greene ’57 (LLBJD)

Vic Hackley ’76 (PhD)
Sonja Haynes Stone, Faculty Staff Award

BAR 1989 (award renamed for Harvey E. Beech ‘52 (LLB))
Harvey E. Beech ’52 (LLB)

Not presented

Kelly Alexander, Jr. ’70
Kristy L. Blackman ’77
Laura R. Foxx ’75
Allen Mask, Jr. ’74
Reginald McAfee ’75
Ellis Stanley, Sr. ’73
Hubert Williamson Jr. ’74

Sibby E. Anderson ’87
Donella Croslan, Faculty Staff Award
Carl R. Fox ’75
Trudier Harris, Faculty Staff Award

Christopher C. Fordham ’47, Faculty Staff Award
Robyn S. Hadley ’85
Sandra Renwick, Faculty Staff Award

Henry Frye ’59
Conrad Odell Pearson, Faculty Staff Award
Marion C. Phillips, Faculty Staff Award
Valora Washington, Faculty Staff Award

Phillip McAlpin ’75
Hortense K. McClinton, Faculty Staff Award
Edith Mayfield Wiggins ’64 (MSW)
Melvin L. Watt ’67

Pamela C. Chisholm ’73
Ernie Pitt ’74
Harold Wallace, Faculty Staff Award

Angela Bryant ’73
Richard Epps ’73
Sonja Haynes Stone, Faculty Staff Award
Blyden Jackson, Faculty Staff Award