Countdown to Graduation

Countdown to Graduation
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posted 2/18/2009

Valentines Day

Valentine's Day in college is kind of a weird phenomenon. We've all seen (or even been part of) those couples who take themselves way too seriously. Not everyone can be the next Ross and Rachel, especially in a time where Facebook stalking is how you get to know someone and texting <3 has taken the place of "I love you." How serious can Valentine's Day really be when it's often the parents who are bankrolling the romancing? All that said…

I had a great Valentine's Day, but it was also a little horrible. That sounds a little off, so why, you would then ask. And since this blog is an endeavor where I so vainly believe people care what I have to say, I would tell you.

First, some background information on my romantic situation. I have a wonderful boyfriend. His name is Gabe and he's pretty much everything you could ask for in a guy. He's handsome, smart, funny, caring and a delicious cook. We've been dating for about four months and everything has been about as perfect as it could be. So, the obvious question is, how could this Valentine's Day suck if you have such a great guy?

Well, the answer would be because I forgot to tell you his huge flaw, and believe me it's a big one. He left last week to go have the time of his life in Pamplona, Spain for 5 months, leaving me behind. How could he do such a thing, right? Well, as corny as it sounds, I'm actually ridiculously happy for him and can't even help myself from smiling just thinking about how great of an experience he is having (of course, this was after the waterfall of tears as I saw him walking into the doors of RDU and the subsequent dangerous drive back on I-40 where my eyeballs needed windshield wipers.)

We both admit that after a year of being friends, falling in love months before he was going to leave seems like some cruel trick Cupid is playing on us, but you can't plan these things! Lucky for us, he didn't leave until early February, so we had a month at the beginning of the semester to spend with each other. My schedule of only three classes and his lack of classes gave us plenty of time to do just that (I'm still trying to catch up on all my homework though.)

But, sneaky guy that he is, he was leaving just a couple of days before Valentine's Day. I wouldn't let him get away that easy, hinting I would love to be wined and dined. He did more than comply, taking me out for a lovely dinner on the Sunday before and we even stretched out Valentine's to two days, exchanging gifts on Monday. In fact, I would suggest such an idea for all couples. You'd be surprised how easy it is to get a table six days before Valentine's Day on a Sunday night. From what I hear from other friends, it was a little harder to do the same on Saturday.

So, flash forward to the actual date, February 14. I'll bypass you all the bowls of ice cream and moping I did in between. Let's just say it wasn't pretty, and my sweatpants have all but demanded I give them a rest. I then proceeded to have an anti-Valentine's Day, and actually now that I think about it, it wasn't so bad. Sure, as other friends talked about the chocolate and flowers they were receiving from their boyfriends, I felt a little tug on the heartstrings, but who else could say they spent two of the most stressful hours of their lives watching a masked man murder people with a pick axe while limbs were flying at you from every angle in 3d? Well, that's what my friends Anna, Bryan, Ricky and I can say since we watched My Bloody Valentine in 3D.

As soon as it started and a bloody eye socket flew through the screen at me, I wanted it to be over. But, even though I was cowered in my seat and I could only see through slits in my 3d glasses because the rest was covered by my hands, I watched the whole thing. I'm still not sure why I did this to myself, but it sure made me forget those "lovey dovey" feelings for a bit. We capped the night off with a dinner at Taco Bell, no wait.


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