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The GAA sponsors the Order of the Bell Tower, an organization that serves as the University’s official student ambassadors. (For more about OBT, go to The OBT produces True Blue, a book that describes current student traditions, such as attending Sunset Serenade, participating in Dance Marathon, and painting a cube in the Pit. It also provides a checklist for students to mark off each activity as they complete it. (The book is available for $5 at

While True Blue identifies many current student traditions, the University’s history is so rich that it’s impossible to compile a comprehensive list. Every graduating class and every student within that class has come to love the University in a different way.

So now I want to hear from you: What shaped your Carolina experience? And what must every other UNC student do before graduation? From your suggestions, I will compile my own Graduation Bucket List. Each week I’ll select one of these activities and write about my experience. I look forward to seeing my University through your eyes.


About Emily Palmer

Emily PalmerBorn in Durham, I rarely crossed Tobacco Road until I enrolled at the University and became a part of the graduating class of 2014.

As a junior currently pursuing degrees in global studies and creative writing, I’ve come to embrace Carolina’s treasure trove of traditions. From drinking from the Old Well on the first day of classes to ensure straight A’s (haha) to cleaning the Dean Dome just to get inside for the last 10 minutes of the UNC-Duke men’s basketball game, I’ve become a part of the University through my participation in each true blue tradition.

During my first year at Carolina, I felt like I had my entire college experience before me. Now I realize just how little time I have before I, too, like the thousands of alumni before me, don that powder blue cap and gown. So, in an effort to experience as much of the University as possible in a short two and a half years, I’m asking for your advice. And I look forward to hearing about your unique Carolina experience.